The Wannabe Author by Mary Papas

The Wannabe AuthorThe Wannabe Author by Mary Papas

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The Wannabe Author is just 13 pages long. It is a sad but realistic novel which will make many authors cringe when they think back to their first attempts at writing. It may also open the eyes of many first time authors who are currently writing their own masterpiece.

The main character hates her job and her boss and finds release in writing down scenarios which let her escape her frustrating reality. This gives her a reason to go on and actually opens a door. Beneath the process of amateur book writing and publishing, she has found the strength to resign from her job.

Her whole book process is a huge learning curve which looks depressing at first glance, but underneath she may have learnt lessons which she’ll use if she can get past this experience and her urge to write is stronger than her sense of failure.

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10 thoughts on “The Wannabe Author by Mary Papas

  1. I’ve never read any of her stories and won’t be doing so either. This author was very rude to me and has a bad attitude. As a book blogger I like to do my best by authors but it is also just a hobby. I have a full-time job and this author had me shaking with anger at work yesterday.


    • Oh that’s a shame, I hear where you are coming from, I have had similar attacks from unhappy authors, fortunately they are few are far between, try not let another’s anger have power over you and spend all of today repeating this to yourself ” Today, no person, place or thing can irritate or annoy me, I choose to be at peace.”


      • Thanks for your lovely reply, Rosie. x

        This was all because of a guest post. I always give authors the opportunity to write guest posts for my blog and normally if I have been sent a few I space them out in between other posts. She sent me hers on the 9th April and then had a go at me for not putting it up yet and told me I am not professional. She even expected me to edit her post as she didn’t have time.

        Blogging to me is a hobby. I help authors out of the goodness of my heart. I review books as well for a number of authors and publishers. I don’t just work for one author. Really selfish of her!!


    • Me neither. When I brought out my short story collection Nine Lives she gave it such a good review I was wondering if she’d read something by Shakespeare instead. I looked at her other reviews and she’d done the same to loads of other short story collections. She then hassled both me and another short story writer to read and review HER collection. This is exactly the sort of behaviour I rant about!!!


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