Good Deeds Challenge, Year 2 Week 27

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I an into my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

October 19th – Dropped some money in the Help The Heroes collection.

October 20th –  My morning at school, next week is half term so I shall have to look harder for a Good Deed. Informed an author that I was now in possession of a book review for her book from one of my team and donned the battle armour as she didn’t agree with me going to post a review which will say that the book had some editing errors, apparently I shall be rubbishing 10 years of work! Found a lovely comment which I shall now use “It’s not the audience’s fault that they don’t like it”.

October 21st – Heard from an author today who received my 3* review, gracefully accepting that the book wasn’t for me. That’s the type of author we all like, one who appreciates that we’ve taken our free time to read their book. Good deeds received; Nipped into the supermarket for a few things and the man in front of me firstly gave me all his shop reward card points, then a voucher for £5 of next weeks shop and finally £5 off any shop after he’d finished  and paid for his own shopping. How nice was that? So I thanked him profusely and dropped some of my own money in a charity pot on my way out.

October 22nd – My car is being serviced today, dropped it off and walked home picking up litter on the way.

October 23rd – The path I have chosen to take with book reviewing is definitely hard, I have been mulling the process over. I could take the easier path and give 5* reviews to everything I read, but I would be false to myself. I could post only those books which make my 5* list, but then what of all the time I spent reading the other books? I could just post my reviews with no feed back to the author, but again that seems a coward’s way out for me, so perhaps this is the right route, the one where I read a book, write the review, send it in advance to the author, offer to discuss it if my review is less than they are expecting, then post the review for my reading audience, the ones whose curiosity may be roused by any review, not just the 5* ones.

I’m reading A Place In The World by Cinda MacKinnon, it’s set in Colombia on a coffee finca in a cloud forest, the visual pictures I’m getting in my mind are fantastic.

October 24th – Dropped off a birthday present for a friend. Today I’m reading Inkker Hauser Part 1, Rum Hijack by Phil Conquest, a short read full of dark humour.

October 25th – The November paper issue of Fleet Life dropped through my door this morning with my month’s book review page. Reading the magazine I note that local author Richard Denham who wrote Britannia Part 1: The Wall which I reviewed recently will be signing books in Fleet Library on Tuesday November 11th between 11am and 12pm. Will write a tweet on the day for him. The on-line version will go out nearer the 1st of November so I shall save my post for then.

14 thoughts on “Good Deeds Challenge, Year 2 Week 27

  1. It’s tough getting a bad review, and I appreciate the hard work which goes into writing, which is why writers should make sure they enlist the help of beta readers and proof readers, at least, who will no doubt point out those editing errors, and carefully revise again before publishing. I have learnt and hope to continue learning a lot from my readers’ comments. That said, I once gave a writer a list of over 12 editing errors he claimed had been made by his publishers. So, it’s not always the writer’s fault. However, they should be grateful if someone takes the time to point them out, so they can be corrected. I agree with everything you said! You’re doing a great job with this great team!


  2. Re reviews, Rosie – you never seem to me to have axes to grind. You’re careful, considerate and honest in your opinions, whether it’s your sort of book, or not.
    What’s the point of anything else?


  3. As an author I want an honest opinion and the reviewer is taking their time to read and review. Some reviewers are harsh in their wording which is uncalled for but I have never seen that here. Your reviews are honest, considerate, and in no way author bashing or biased. I want to know what I’m doing right and what I still need to work on. That’s how I improve my writing from one book to the next. Keep up all your hard work it is appreciated.


  4. Hi Rosie:-) You continue to inspire me with your commitment to authenticity, and although it’s not always the easiest or most comfortable short term option, I believe it’s by far the more fulfilling. I love your exchange with the man in the shop, and your immediately paying it forward. Have a great week my friend! Hugs, H xxx


    • Thank you Harula, it felt like one of those meeting an Angel moments. He’d bought loads of pot noodles and I wondered later if he was off to give them to the homeless perhaps?


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