Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Babus reviews Romancing My Love by Melissa Foster

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Babus chose to read and review Romancing My Love by Melissa Foster in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books


Rebecca Rivera lost her mother to cancer 6 weeks ago, is living in her car and has just been fired from her job as a bartender by her jerk of a boss, so when Pierce Braden comes to her rescue she rebuffs him, not because she is not attracted to him but because she is fiercely independent. Pierce is intrigued by this headstrong and stubborn woman and falls for her but will the differences in their circumstances prove too much of an obstacle for their relationship?


This feel good romance has plenty of heart and deals with emotions and the psychology of the characters very well. Romances are not my staple choice of genre but this was very easy to read and entertaining. This is not a book for those who like their romance and language clean, but if not adverse to explicit romance and swearing this is a very capable feel good romance with depth.


Pierce is very dashing, successful and sports a shoulder tattoo, ticking all the boxes of masculinity you would expect in a romance. With a reading time of just over 4 hours for me, it was a lovely read, but I did feel it was drawn out a little too much near the end, with a very verbose account of scattering Rebecca’s mother’s ashes and the final conclusion to the book. However I could relate to Rebecca and there was real depth in the emotions Foster writes about and if she can melt the heart of a very occasional romance-reader like me, then I am sure she will appeal to the contemporary romance fans looking for their next great read.

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