Friday Challenge – Appreciating What You Have By Giving Something Up

Friday Challenge – Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Friday Challenge, a set of articles written for us by Shelley Wilson as a gift to you the reader. Author of How I Changed My Life In A Year, Shelley is sharing some of her own challenges with us and motivating us to make our own lives better.

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Shelley Wilson

Can You Appreciate What You Have By Giving Something Up?


After taking part in this year’s Cancer Research Dryathlon, whereby I refused all alcohol for the month of January, I decided to carry this challenge on and am now tee-total (nine months and counting). Don’t panic readers, we’re not asking you to give up your Friday night glass of vino… well not yet anyway!


In my book How I Changed My Life in a Year, I dedicated an entire chapter to giving up the demon drink. For my month seven challenge, to appreciate what I have by doing without, I had to come up with four other activities to forgo.


With the television, Facebook and my car eliminated from my life for a single week each, I felt much better. More time to write, no incessant stream of notifications and increased exercise were the benefits of my challenge. The fourth week, however, was a very different story. At my twelve-year old daughter’s request, I gave up wearing black clothing. A simple task you may think, but oh no!


Here is an excerpt from my book.


I realised the magnitude of this challenge when, on day one, with bleary eyes and bed hair, I fished around in my underwear drawer for any other colour of pants! (Note to self – pants situation critical.)


   Fast forward to the 3 p.m school run and thank goodness for blue denim.


   With two minutes to spare I stood in my jeans and bra (white one) looking at 25 black tops. If I turned up at school in just my underwear, my daughter would disown me, then I remembered a multi-coloured T-shirt I’d bought for an eighties fancy dress party – yes, I wore it.


   I didn’t think it was possible for an eye roll from a twelve-year old to stop me in my tracks, but hey, this challenge was never going to be easy.


Giving up wearing black clothing may have seemed a trivial goal but it certainly made me appreciate my wardrobe and think about my image. Interestingly, as I opted for a more colourful palette, I noticed a change in my moods and emotions. Leaving the dull, dreary black clothing behind meant I filled my life with reds, pinks and greens and benefited from a little colour therapy along the way.


Challenge accepted and achieved. It can help us to appreciate what we have in our life by giving something up, so I extend my challenge to you – Give something up such as twitter, diet coke or taking the car and embrace the experience.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Challenge – Appreciating What You Have By Giving Something Up

    • Well done June, I now have lots of coloured jumpers ready for winter, but I’ve struggled with trousers that aren’t black or skinny Jeans, I briefly considered a pair of Tartan trews, but thought the family would disown me if I bought them.


  1. Another challenge…but what to give up? Black is not an issue – I rarely wear it as it drains what little colour I have right out of me! Much as I hate to say it I think it has to be chocolate which seems to have it’s claws in me at the moment. So here goes…the next week and no chocolate…gulp 😦


  2. I love reading the comments on Rosie’s blog as everyone is so positive – even when faced with a challenge! I’ve just looked down at my outfit and realised I’m in black, I may need to take my own advice 😉 hope your challenges are going well x


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