You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your LifeYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

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Having read Heal your Body, I wanted to really look at changing my life to a more positive outlook. This book is a thought provoking read and really shows you ways to make serious changes to all aspects of your life to make your time on earth much more pleasant. This is a holistic book, and Louise has thousands of supporters all over the world who embrace her words.
I have set out all sorts of ideas to help myself and others heal their lives in fact I have passed this book to close friends so that they too can benefit from Louise’s advice and lessons.
This book is one to read and re-read over and over until you re-programme your own thoughts just as you might re-train for a new job. This new job is the rest of your life, live it and enjoy it.
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6 thoughts on “You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

  1. Hi Rosie – I’ve always liked Louise Hay’s books when I encountered her really early on in life .. so I’m sure you’re right here … and I hope others look into her books – cheers Hilary


  2. Hi Rosie, Ten years ago, I picked up this book when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, it has helped me through many challenging times. Louise Hay is a wonderful role model. At age 88, she still rocks! 🙂


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