Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Jill reviews The Widow Makers by Jean Mead

Today’s book review comes from Jill,


She chose to read and review The Widow Makers by Jean Mead.


The Widow Maker by Jean Mead
I downloaded this book because I like the sound of the story of the family moving from England To Wales, and discovering how they settled in a new country. I usually enjoy books that cover a period of time and that you can learn about the history of the era. I found the beginning of the book a bit harder to understand, when reading the slang used while they were in Lancashire. The story is based around the Standish family and their hard life in the Lancashire pits and the sad circumstances which lead to them making the brave decision to uproot and move to North Wales, and Joe the dad changing careers. You can image being in the surrounding countryside, as you read the book, and what a hard life they lead then. I felt so sorry for the mother, following the tragic event that happened to their daughter.

Half way through the book, the storyline changes and the son takes over as the main character from the father, and he is the opposite of him. I thought that the son, was a horrible piece of work, and how he treated his parents, was awful. It must have been very awkward, for his father to go to work after he was offered the opportunities that he had.

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Extra news:

The Widow Makers  has now been in the Amazon Bestsellers for more than 2 months. The Welsh Books Council reviews and Historical Novel Society reviews for the trilogy are on the authors’s website

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  1. Hi Jill – I like historical fiction also as it helps me to learn more about the history of different eras. Thanks for the review. All the best to you! 🙂


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