Friday Challenge – Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Friday Challenge

For the next four weeks we are presenting The Friday Challenge. These are easy to follow motivating articles from author Shelley Wilson who wrote How I Changed My Life In A Year which featured on the blog earlier this week. It was followed by a guest author interview with Shelley and she kindly agreed to write us four articles which I’d like to share each Friday with you as my gift to you wonderful readers, so that you too may be inspired to make positive changes in your own lives and those around you.

Over to Shelley…

Shelley Wilson

Could You Do Something You’ve Never Done Before?

If I asked you to do something you’ve never done before, what would you choose? Abseiling or white water rafting perhaps, or maybe you would opt for something a little less hair-raising and try a new food. To do something new was one of the first challenges I tackled in my book How I Changed My Life in a Year. As it happens, my plans went slightly askew as I received an opportunity to help my local junior school prepare for exam season.

As I run a holistic health business, I spend my days and evenings de-stressing the general public. I offer treatments such as reflexology and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or ‘Tapping’ as I like to call it.

To be asked by the headmaster to give a demonstration and talk to thirty of the year six children (ages 10 and 11) was a terrifying prospect. I have three children, but that doesn’t mean that the school hall full of them wouldn’t scare me to death. As I was dedicated to my month five challenge – do something I’ve never done before – I couldn’t say no!

My fears surfaced fairly swiftly; fear of making a fool out of myself, fear of thirty impressionable youngsters thinking I was a moron, fear of forgetting my presentation. However, I’d told the headmaster I would do it and so I prepared myself as well as I could. (Sleeping with my copy of Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers may have helped!)

Blinded by my irrational fears I momentarily forgot that Tapping (EFT) was the perfect therapy to alleviate apprehension. My task was all about helping the year six children cope with their trepidation of the impending SAT exams. So as I ran through my presentation, my anxiety gradually lifted. Standing before a sea of shiny, eager faces, who believed I was going to help them, I filled with pride and an eagerness to teach them a valuable self-help tool.

EFT is a simple process which can help alleviate anxiety and deep rooted issues that have a detrimental effect on our day to day life. The fear of the dentist, overeating, depression and so many other ailments can be vanquished using this method. It involves tapping lightly with your fingertips on specific parts of your head, face, body and hands. The tapping action vibrates along meridians (energy lines) within your body and neutralises any blockages. (For more information, or to find a therapist near to you log on to the AAMET site

The children were amazing and took to the therapy with an infectious enthusiasm, and I was happy to receive positive feedback from the parents once they had rushed home to teach their siblings how to ‘chillax.’

Challenge accepted and achieved; I’d never done that before! Trying something new can open up a world of opportunities, so I extend my challenge to you – Do something you’ve never done before and embrace the experience.

How I Changed My Life In A Year

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Next Friday we’ll be back with our second challenge.

26 thoughts on “Friday Challenge – Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

  1. What a terrific start to this new series. I always said that if I turn down a chance to try something I always said I would do, it would be a sign of getting old. (Luckily, my remaining list is pretty tiny.) But just yesterday, my daughter and co-author challenged me to write in an entirely new genre. Your post today is like a voice telling me to give it a shot!


  2. Great article – a real inspiration and challenge for us shrinking violets. I loved Shelley’s confession of sleeping with ‘Feel the Fear …’
    (3 copies in our house)


  3. Super article, struck a cord with me. I was coming home after attending the 120th birthday celebrations of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists last Tuesday – what an amazing event! and writ large in St Pancras are the words, When is the last time you did something for the first time? I try to do something new everyday …surely that will keep us all young at heart!


  4. Great start to this series:-) I’ve found even something as simple as just taking a new route to somewhere I go regularly wakes up a new aliveness in me. I’ve lived in/near the town I’m now in for over 9 years, but I discovered a path I’d never walked the other day, which lead past a beautiful tree and over a little bridge that crosses the river, well away form the main street. Now I’m looking forward to welcoming whatever opportunities today offers for me to do something new:-) Blessings, Harula xxx


  5. Great post. I could have used this advice many years ago when I started teaching. Then I found humor was a great way to relax and engage the audience. I think I might follow some of these techniques for my next book reading, though!


  6. OK.. The challenge this week. I have a running machine, bought for me by husband months ago. It sits staring at me every time I pass it. The most I’ve done is a mile because I can’t balance book or Kindle on it so I get bored. Now sorted that and my challenge to myself this week is to run five miles – something I’ve never done. It might take a while (in fact it will probably take more than just ‘a while’) But, hey, it’s not a race – just a personal challenge. If I have breath left, I’ll let you know how I’ve got on. If you don’t I’ll still be running by next week


  7. Challenge accepted 🙂 I agreed to do something this week I’ve never done before, never wanted to do and in fact actively avoided – public speaking. Not only that but it was to children who generally have no filter on their honest reactions. I was speaking as an author trying to enthuse a group of reluctant readers. It was terrifying, I won’t deny it but as the session progressed it became easier and the interaction with the children was wonderful as they became more engaged. So pleased I did it!! Thanks for the great post 🙂


    • Congratulations! Well done for being so brave and making it to the end. I hope you encourage others by your example after all the children of today are the readers of tomorrow.


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