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Welcome to the first post from Rosie’s Avid Readers. A new feature about Avid Readers, not part of the reviewing team, not authors, but people who love reading books and telling others about the ones they enjoyed. They are the people who say, “I’ve just read this really good book….”


Book Blub;

Eddie’s Bastard spins the warm, endearing tale of William Amos Mann IV and of the inhabitants of his eponymous small upstate New York town, Mannville.
Related in flashback by the adult Billy, the story begins with him being deposited as an infant on the doorstep of his grandfather’s home in a simple wicker basket with a plain two-word message pinned to his shawl reading ‘Eddie’s Bastard’. Eddie had been killed in Vietnam three months earlier – his father, Thomas Mann Jnr, had given up on life, having lost his only son and, he thought, his only heir. But now, suddenly, Thomas has a grandson and an heir – if not to the once-vast Mann fortune (for Thomas had recklessly squandered that in a foolhardy enterprise just after his heroic return from WWII), then at least to the long legacy of the Mann family stories, stretching back to the Civil War.
Eddie’s Bastard is filled with episodes of madcap adventure and resonates with the power of lifelong friendship. By turns hilarious, thrilling and heart-breaking, here is a debut that stays in the mind long after the reading is over.

The reader’s thoughts;

Written in the First Person, the book tells of the life of Billy from birth to a young person, dumped on his drunk Grandfather. The book is set near the shores of Lake Erie. Wonderful colourful characters. I look forward to finding the sequel  “Somewhere South of Here”

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  1. Love the sound of the Avid Readers Group – we can never have enough of them! This book sounds interesting too – a great premise for a story, I shall add to my list – many thanks for sharing.


  2. You are indeed full of great ideas Rosie, and this is a memorable start! Thanks for all you do to get people as hooked on reading as you clearly are – the world can’t have too many avid readers:-) Blessings, H xxx


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