Good Deeds Challenge Year 2, Week 25

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I an into my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

October 5th – The October editions of Fleet Life and Elvetham Heath Directory are out with their on-line versions, here s a link to my post with details of the books and authors I’ve featured.

Written and posted my review of The Wannabe Author by Mary Papas.

October 6th – My morning helping out at school. They had a coffee morning for MacMillan Cancer, so bought cakes and donated to the charity. Am reading Back Packs and Bra Straps by Savannah Grace. The second book about selling up and taking your family backpacking. Savannah was just 15 when her Mum decided to take her out of her school in Canada for an education on the road, along with her older siblings these books tell of the hardships and wonders of the world.

October 7th – Walked to town in some late sun and picked up litter on my route. Spontaneously walked into Superdrug and had my flu jab, this is a good deed in that I won’t get the flu and spread it around.  Good Deeds received, took delivery of a lovely jewelled book mark from author Jill Hughey which I’d won in a prize draw. Returned the deed by offering to review her latest book Eruption: Yellowblown (What would happen if the Yellowstone Volcano erupts?)

October 8th – Looking around University courses this afternoon. Noticed a friend no longer had her umbrella, as it had stopped raining she had forgotten about it. She went back to the lecture theatre to find it.

October 9th – Busy day whizzing all over the place, fitted in a visit to my parents, took over a copy of a book I’d read. Good Deeds received: Came home with a lovely dozen of fresh eggs.

Am Reading Under His Protection by Lily Bishop.

October 10th – A day at home baking and reading. Sorting out a new feature for the blog. Rosie’s Avid readers, where people who love reading tell us about a book they’ve just read. There won’t be a big review or any connection to my author friends these are just people I know who say “I’ve just read a good book….” First post coming on Tuesday.

October 11th – For the last couple of days I’ve posted a book review and guest author piece for Suraya Dewing and her book Bend With The Wind, a fascinating book giving lots of background to the Maori’s in New Zealand and it’s has a lot of interest. Just starting to read Shared Skies by Josephine O’Brien

9 thoughts on “Good Deeds Challenge Year 2, Week 25

  1. Morning Rosie – pleasure of a visit exchanged for a dozen fresh eggs – sounds like a good deed deal:-) I’m loving the sound of your new feature on the blog, and I need a friend like you to look after my umbrellas…I’ve ‘lost’ so many! Blessings on your week my friend, Harula xxx


  2. Happy Sunday, Rosie. I was going to say ‘sunny Sunday’ but the weather round here is definitely of the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness variety.’ Another great blog. I am in awe of the good deeds you do – keep up the good work.


  3. Love this idea. I think a great way of interpreting ‘good deed doing’ is to show appreciation, as far too few people receive appreciation in the workplace from bosses, supervisors, etc. Last night, I ordered out dinner from a restaurant that routinely gets my order wrong, I repeated it twice. When we got the food home, the order was exactly right. I had deliberately written down the name of the person who took our phone order and am writing a thank you note to the restaurant manager about “Liz’s” terrific service (and a small tip in a separate envelope for her).


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