The Immortal Greek by Monica La Porta

The Immortal Greek (The Immortals, #2)The Immortal Greek by Monica La Porta

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The Immortal Greek is a sophisticated and sexy paranormal romance set in the Eternal City of Rome. It is the second book in the Immortal Series, but easily stands on it’s own. Alexander Drako is an Immortal with a reputation as a millionaire playboy, his parties are the talk of the town and he is always being featured in the gossip magazines.

This year his famous party has had to move its date due to the Immortal Council’s annual Gala, but the fun of the party ends when a young Immortal commits suicide. The Council call in The Enforcer, Ravenna Del Sarto to investigate the suicide and it appears he is a victim of The Immortal Death.

When several more bodies turn up Alexander and Ravenna must work together to find the person or persons behind the deaths.

This book entwines high class luxuries, fast cars, beautiful characters and deep passions in a wonderful setting. If you like your romance strong with a shot of heat like a favourite cup of Italian coffee, then this is for you.

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