Stranger At Sunset by Eden Baylee

Stranger at SunsetStranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee

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Stranger at Sunset is a mystery, Psychological thriller set in Jamaica. It opens with a prologue and a body is thrown from a balcony with a witness to the scene.

The main body of the story then begins, the Pearsons own Sunset Villas in Jamaica and their business has suffered from Hurricane Sandy and a bad review from travel writer Matthew Kane. The owners have invited him back to the resort hoping to get him to write a better review or retract the first one. Several friends come to support the Pearsons during this challenging week.

There are quite a few characters in the book to keep you busy and this allows for several red herrings in the storyline. The guests all dine together with the hosts at the villa and several of them dislike reviewer Matthew Kane, which isn’t helping plans to make his stay a pleasant one.

Kate Hampton is one of their guests, a psychologist, she finds herself analysing Mr Kane and tries hard to pacify his negative attitude towards the resort and her friends. There are lots of clues along the way for you to guess your own outcome to the story.
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