Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT David reviews Inkker Hauser Part 1 Rum Hijack by Phil Conquest

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David has read and review Inkker Hauser Part 1 Rum Hijack by Phil Conquest



            If you’re really looking for dark humour in your reading I recommend you take a strong torch with you on this journey. The only light that fights it’s way through is very faint indeed.
The hero of this tale gives every indication of being bi-polar. You can read your way through incredible highs when he certainly believes the story of a lifetime is about to gush out from his fingertips as they hover over a typewriter, and the tremendous lows when he finds the paper is blank and his deceased grandfather has failed to channel the masterpiece through him.
            There are periods of rage where his property may be broken up with a hammer for not having done as expected albeit they were not designed to do as he wished and moments of tenderness when he talks to his velvet cichlid,a tiger Oscar, Moments of contemplation when he views his collection of dead bird photographs showing various stages of decay and also moments of angst when a girlfriend doesn’t reply to his calls.
            Through a haze of alcohol which seems to be glued to his hand he manoeuvres a path through romance and sex and I’m not sure he could differentiate between the two. Relationshiips seem to be a little beyond him even with his family and most certainly with the neighbours who regularly complain about both the timing and volume of his music but who can’t get rid of him as he owns his property outright much to their dismay.Believe me this man is a nightmare you don’t want to know but like an outsider looking in, you really want to know what he’s going to do next.
I’d give this book a 4 out of 5 star mark and suggest to Phil Conquest that he confiscate the tool kit before the next book or there’ll be nothing left in the property. A totally different First Book.
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6 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT David reviews Inkker Hauser Part 1 Rum Hijack by Phil Conquest

  1. Thanks so much Rosie for the invitation to read and review this book for your Blog. It’s not one I would probably have chosen but it’s given me new insight into an unknown (to me) genre.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. So glad you ‘liked’ this, David (not quite sure that’s the right word!); I adored this book and think it was so clever, so it’s great to see other people reading it too. I know what you mean about the tool kit!!!!!! I actually loved the softer moments best, like this excellently described scene when his clothes were flapping up in the wind, and the one in the library when he just got biro all over his hands 🙂


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