Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Honor reviews Wild Water by Jan Ruth

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Wild Water 1 — Jan Ruth

The story has some good characterisation that draws in the reader. I felt very sympathetic to Jack, who came across as hard working and sensible. It did make me wonder if it was realistic for him to be with someone like Patsy for as long as he had, she appears such a “high maintenance” woman expecting to achieve so much for little effort. Nonetheless, it made for an enjoyable read.

On the downside, as I read some passages where vital pieces of information were missing, there were times when the writing jumped around a little too much, leaving me confused. I didn’t always feel a situation was finalised before another started, since neighbouring paragraphs were often disconnected.

As a romance I would expect some spontaneity in some of the situations, as we are dealing with an emotional set of circumstances. I also felt some of the more dramatic moments in Jack and Anna’s lives were not told first hand, as it happened. I had gotten to know the characters so well, that I wanted to be there for the most stressful moments of their lives. Instead, I felt a little cheated to be hearing of things second hand without much detail.

The geographical setting was of minor importance as the story played out, we could have been anywhere in the UK, a pity for me as I have spent time in Cheshire, participated in some superb outdoor activities in North Wales particularly Snowdonia. I believe some description of the landscape and history would have been appropriate as it engenders passion among it’s peoples and vistors.

For me, the book was in two parts, with the first concentrating on the separation of Jack and Patsy. This was a very engaging read.

The second part, however, seemed to drift a little, and the divorce settlement, which was paramount at the start, was glossed over.

I am sure the writer has progressed much further and her more recent novels are more consistent in structure and quality. In all walks of life there are steep leaning curves, excellence comes at a high price. So I wish Jan Ruth well in her efforts.

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5 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Honor reviews Wild Water by Jan Ruth

  1. I do not feel this review reflects the depth of the content of Wild Water. I found the characters engaging and complex and they drew me into the fast moving plot. It is not a simple romance; it is a contemporary family drama involving all members of the family and harks back to events in their lives prior to the commencement of the narrative.


    • Thanks Liz, I loved Wild Water when I read it and got into the characters and their lives with feeling, but every reader is a different person and finds different things in books.


  2. From the point of view of a writer, I think it would be very odd if all situations were resolved before another one is described – not having them so is called ‘a plot’, or ‘tension’; I love books where you don’t find out what happens to some situations later on (or even in a sequel, sometimes). I read Wild Water around 2 years ago so can’t remember it well, but I do know that I liked the way Jan Ruth told some instances from the 1st person, some as reported activity. It’s a choice I often make, too. Few achieve excellence, but putting apostrophes in the right places is a good start.


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