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Welcome to Day 18 of Romancing September Across The World Tour. Today our guest is E.L. Lindley. Catch up with more from E.L in a few hours with the second part of our tour when Stephanie chats to her.

Dare to Lose


Where is your home town? 

Sheffield – it’s where I was born and grew up and then I returned to live here about 10 years ago and I’m really glad I did.

How long have you been writing romance? 

I’ve been writing officially for about five years. I published my first book, Business As Usual in 2011. I don’t really consider myself a writer of romance per se although my books do have lots of romance in them. However, they could also be categorised as thrillers or mysteries or family drama. One of the nicest things a reader has ever said about my books is in a good reads review, where a lovely lady wrote, “She’s a very versatile author and seems to write very different books each time.” And this is really what I try to achieve, I hope readers get whatever it is they are looking for within my books, be that romance, drama, mystery or whatever.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance? 

As a writer, I tend to veer towards mysteries and these are the kinds of books I enjoy reading as well. I don’t mind if they are light-hearted fun mysteries in say the Janet Evanovich style or more serious, gritty thrillers but, I do like there to be at least a hint of some romance in there as well. Don’t we all?

Where is Dare to Lose set? 

Dare To Lose is set in Brighton, which is a place very dear to my heart because I lived there very happily for a number of years. It’s a wonderful place to live or visit as it has something for everyone. It’s on the coast but it has a vibrant city life as well. It’s got culture, countryside, family fun and best of all the sea – what more could anyone want?

What are Nicola’s dreams? 

Nicola’s dream is to be in control of her own destiny. She has worked hard in her career as a teacher and always done the right thing but she finds herself at odds with the modern world of education. She has a passion for cooking and always wanted to own her own cafe but never had the confidence to go after what she wanted. When she loses her job, it sort of galvanises her into following her dreams. Part of the appeal for Nicola in owning her business is so that she can be control of her own life. She had a chaotic childhood being moved around at the whim of her mother, who is a bit of a wild one even in her 70s. Nicola just wants a calm ordered life but fate, as is often the case, has other ideas.

Who goes missing? 

Nicola is a very caring person and when she employs a student to work as a waitress, the young woman quickly becomes like part of her family. Jessica disappears and Nicola feels duty-bound to look for her, especially as she’s an overseas student and all of her family live in the USA.

Tell us about the love interest for Nicola.

Eventually Jessica’s father, Jack, arrives in Brighton to search for his daughter. He is a police detective so he knows what he’s doing but, he’s obviously at a disadvantage in a strange country, so he needs Nicola to help him navigate his way around both physically and culturally. He’s divorced from Jessica’s mum and not in the market for romance but, as he stays in Nicola’s home; they inevitably become closer and closer.

Tell us about the criminals that she finds herself involved with.

Nicola has no experience of the seedier side Brighton and finding herself in the company of gangsters is a bit of a shock. Brighton, like all cities, has areas where social deprivation and drugs are massive problems and, in Dare To Lose, criminals from Albania have joined forces with local gangsters to control the drug flow and prostitution. In their search for Jessica, Nicola and Jack find themselves plunged into this world, which proves very dangerous for both of them.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment. 

I’m currently working on the fifth novel in my Georgie Connelly series. It’s proving to be great fun to write and I’m hoping that it will provide just as much entertainment for readers.

Where can readers find out more about you?

E. L. Lindley Author

All of my books are available on Amazon where I have an author page (for UK readers)I’m also on Twitter @LindleyE

and Facebook

And (for US readers)

If readers want to find out more they can visit my website at where there‘s lots of information about all of my books and I also have a blog.

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    • Thanks June – and Rosie for all your hard work. I couldn’t agree more about discovering more about writers you know a little bit from twitter, I’ve really loved this tour. I like to save the interviews to read in bed at night and I’ve found myself really looking forward to them,


  1. I love EL’s books, liked this one especially, it’s well written, lively, exciting and a lot of fun. And I think in fact my protagonist Jack Lockwood is meeting Georgie Connelly, EL’s heroine in some of her other books, in Georgie’s next adventure. Jack is also meeting up with Georgie in my book too. Some of the heros and heroines of our books know each other and duck in and out of each other’s adventures!


  2. Yes, oddly enough it was @literaryGary, a nice American reviewer who brought EL and me together, and we’ve since found much in common – notably a similar sense of humour.


  3. This book sounds a bit interesting, it seems to have a bit of every genre in it; romance, suspense, crime, thriller… I especially like books where the romance builds between the hero and heroine page by page. And I look forward to see how their romance develops and hopefully, see the reunion between father and daughter.


    • It’s fun finding the sub genres within a genre, so many books have more than one genre and readers will find different ones themselves as they read any book. Thanks for the re-blogs during the tour and for joining us, plenty more books to come. I shall be running a mystery book tour in November next.


      • Thanks for the reblogs the owllady and mysticalmanuscripts. I like romance best when it’s the backdrop of something else too 🙂


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