Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Doug reviews The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

Today’s review is from Book review Team member Doug


He chose to read and review The Wrath Inside by RR Gall


Here is his review.

RR Gall — The Wrath Inside (Ezera’s run 1)

I am not given to any spoiling of a story so I will keep to generalizations with very few specifics

The setting was a small agricultural town Nares in a provence some 100Km from Jerusalem with it’s close knit community, a narrow view of the world as they knew it, and of course the inevitable problems that ensue.

The main character is Ezera a 16 year old boy whose father is a carpenter and an unconventional zeast for life, the family home has a sloping roof which stands out among the prolieration of flat sunbaked dwellings.

The writer dropped some clues as to the threats and situations these span out later in the Story Much of the story occurs in the town square close to the Synagogue and a tall tree is centre stage some of that time, that make me chuckle!

There are some side stories involving family and strangers, the impact of a visit from a high status pharisee. The main issue is a conflict caused by the death of a roman soldier in the narrow streets of the town, when a census was implemented, the latter was a tactic often used by the officious regime to subjurgate the populus and extract taxes.

The Roman commander wants restitution at any cost so he asserts his authority and ensures his command are not undermined. But he reminds his second in command to count the olive trees

I enjoyed the story and related to the group of boys, or young men as they would have been considered in the days of the Roman occupation. Afterall whats wrong with some rebellion!

I read the entire novel without any hindrance there were no particular issues with style or grammar, it flowed neatly without any glaring obstacles.

The one and only criticism for me was the historical backdrop could have been enhanced greatly with some suitable description to set the scene because it could have been anywhere in time, apart from the presence of the Romans.

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