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An Independent Woman

by Frances Eversham

Four and half stars

When I end a book I am always interested in how I feel after I have read the last word.

This first reaction tells me whether or not I have had a satisfying reader experience. It is key to whether or not I will read another of the author’s books.

At the end of An Independent Woman I found myself smiling; satisfied with the experience I have just had.

An Independent Woman tells the story of Philomena who is married illegally to a villain after her father gambled away her inheritance and forced her to marry a stranger with cold green eyes. She was a child and the memory lingered as a haunting dream. The dream takes shape in reality when she meets Lord Thatcham, they fall in love and Muldrow re-enters her life.

I will say no more about the plot as I think readers will enjoy following it as it twists and turns. It has all the ingredients of an absorbing historical Romance…an individual intent on wreaking evil, a virtuous maiden and a heroic and wealthy Lord. Lord Thatcham reminded me of Austen’s Darcy and it was no surprise to read that the author is an Austen fan.

However, this story is no copy of any other I have read. The skilful story telling is economic and has excellent pace without leaving the reader puzzled or confused due to too little description. Nor does it ramble.

The only point I would make was we could have done with fewer rhetorical questions. They started to whine in my head as Philomena weighed up her options and as Lord Thatcham wondered what Philomena thought and felt.

Apart from that the narrative voice was authentic. For example, ‘a woman of low virtue would travel alone’ is superb.

The truly satisfying thing about any read is to find there are no events or objects that have no bearing on the story’s outcome. For example a brooch is introduced into the story. By the time it happened I knew it would relate to the story in some way as I had come to expect that all elements to the story related to events either in the past or the future. That is probably the most satisfying aspect of the novel for me.

I will leave others to read and enjoy.

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