Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Georgia reviews The Road To Yesterday by Randy Mixter

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Georgia chose to read and review The Road To Yesterday by Randy Mixter.


Here is Georgia’s review.

I would like to thank Randy Mixter for gifting me a copy of this book and although this was the first book I have read by this author and it won’t be the last. Dave Burke cannot forget his past. Nor can he forgive himself for the tragedy that cost him everything he ever loved, a tragedy he may have prevented. Now, two years later, strange things are happening, things that suggest there may be hope for him after all. The power of love. Is it strong enough to conquer time itself?

Mixter does an excellent job in creating a totally believable character in Dave and you can feel his pain and guilt in every word as Dave tries to go about living his life after suffering a terrible tragedy, a tragedy he feels responsible for. He has friends who support him, who try to get him to move on but on approaches from the women he meets he says he’s not ready and you believe he will never be ready.

I was completely absorbed in this moving and very well written story and whilst I’m generally not that keen on magical happenings I am persuaded by this one. So well was it handled the twist at the end came across naturally and was a surprise. This is a lovely story from a consummate storyteller that I would highly recommend.

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