What Book Have You Just Bought and Why?

So this morning, everywhere I look on blog posts and Twitter I’m finding motivation and strength from fellow readers and writers in all sorts of formats and it’s been refreshing and revitalising. Over the last few days I have been deliciously spending a windfall of Amazon vouchers on more books and this morning I indulged myself again, this time on Shelly Wilson’s Book “How I Changed My Life In A Year” I have two major times of the year when I particularly seek out new inspiration they are the December/ January holiday time and September when the kids go back to school and life shifts once more.


So what book have you just bought or taken out on loan from the library and why?

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17 thoughts on “What Book Have You Just Bought and Why?

  1. I’m still not buying so nothing new here, but I do like the sound of How I Changed my Life in a Year. Like you, September is when I feel the need to make resolutions and plans!


  2. Rosie, I am going to get this one too. I do the same as you as far as self-improvement campaigns, I just don’t have a set time. What happens with me is I hit a wall and then search out a way to bust through it. I recently bought “Soul Contracts” by Danielle MacKinnon and it has some new exercises that are life-changing, and for me, at age 59, that is saying a lot:)


  3. Oh, lovely idea for a post! I’ve recently taken out of the library The Tudor Queens of England by David Loades, to help with research for my sequel to Kings and Queens, and I’ve recently bought, on Kindle, Sins of the Father, which is a short story by JennyTwist as I read the first two parts (Mantequero and Disappeared) and loved them, and also Army of Worn Soles by Scott Bury, a second world war adventure. I love reading most stuff about the two world wars, and think this might be next on my reading list.


    • I read a really interesting book from people inside Germany during the war who put up their own resistance. It’s not a happy read but it was based on real life people and was a good different perspective. Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada a new modern classic.


  4. I’ve just bought Georgian London Into the Streets by Lucy Inglis. I have read and researched a great deal about Victorian London but now I want to know more about London in the 18th century and this fact filled book looks fascinating.


  5. I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks, but I was about to take a long driving trip just as I read Cathy Ryan’s review on her blog [http://betweenthelinesbookblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/black-black-series-1/] for the audiobook BLACK by Russell Blake. Her description of the mix of humor and retro noir sold me.

    And she was absolutely right. I loved the one-liners, especially between Black and his goth assistant Roxie, particularly involving her obese cat, Mugsy. There were a couple of glaring plot holes, but the three-dimensional characters meant this isn’t the kind of book where you want to interrupt the banter with complaints. So not only did I have a great drive, but I’ve just seen Cathy’s review of the sequel. Now I’m going to need another trip!


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