Twilight’s Indian Princess by Margaret Langstaff

Twilight's Indian Princess: Book 1Twilight’s Indian Princess: Book 1 by Margaret Jean Langstaff

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah McCorckle is a middle grade school teacher currently on summer vacation. After a busy school year the children, Lonnie and Toot are away at camp, and husband Wesley is at work. Sarah plans to do absolutely nothing. Usually she gives herself to others and enjoying life has never occurred to her.

She drifts into reflection about her past life, how she has lived it and begins to question life and all that she has learnt. She searches for a happier time in her life and returns to a time when she had a horse called Twilight’s Indian Princess or Twinkle for short.

An odd little short story it does make you wonder how differently we are all wired.

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