Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT – Cathy reviews Round and Round by Terry Tyler

Today we have a review from Rosie’s book review team member Cathy – She blogs at

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Cathy chose “Round and Round” by Terry Tyler


Here is her review,

A very apt title for this novella for, as Sophie’s discontent and unhappiness with the way her life is unfolding grows, the thoughts of what might have been are swirling round her head. With all her choices, had she made the right decision all those years ago? The ‘what ifs’ are questions most of us would, at least, give a passing thought to from time to time. It’s fascinating to accompany Sophie as she is indeed looked after and helped by her ‘guardian angel’ as she tries to work though and sort out her life.

Anything with even a hint of the paranormal is a hook for me and I loved the way Sophie was shown the different potential consequences of her possible choices. Ultimately though, the only one who can make the turnaround is the person themselves. It’s quite thought-provoking, the many different ways a person’s life could turn out based on decisions taken.

The characters are sympathetically written and engaging and I couldn’t help but sympathise, especially with Sophie’s dilemma. Brilliant ending. And wouldn’t it be lovely to have an Auntie Flick in your life. A great story.

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