What book have you read multiple time? Features Uncle Wiggly Longears by Howard R Garis

Earlier this week I threw out the question “What book have you read multiple times and why?” http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-5zp

Author Susan Nicholls chose Uncle Wiggly Longears by Howard R Garis

Uncle Wiggly

Uncle Wiggly in the Country by Howard R. Garis is one collection of many Uncle Wiggly stories. The stories appeared originally in the Evening News, of Newark, N.J. where they gave pleasure to a number of little folks and grown-ups also.

My family has passed on the Uncle Wiggly books for generations. My book is copyrighted originally in 1916. I did a post about it here: http://redclayandroses1.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/what-is-your-most-beloved-book/

1) A children’s book with no pictures, it stimulates imagination with vivid word pictures.

2) Uncle Wiggly has to use common sense and luck to get out of precarious situations in real life adventures.

3) He is loyal to his friends and even compassionate toward his enemies.

4) I like that the nephew rabbit looks up to and respects his Uncle, while also taking some responsibility to see after him.

5) Each little story has a fable-like lesson to learn.

6) Each chapter is ended with a funny little nonsensical cliffhanger that introduces the next chapter.


My great grandmother read these stories to my grandmother who read them to my mother who read them  to us children. I read them to my children and am reading them to my grandchildren. The most important reason of all for it being so popular. It encourages lap time. Something children and parents/grandparents need more of.


14 thoughts on “What book have you read multiple time? Features Uncle Wiggly Longears by Howard R Garis

  1. THANK YOU! I’m so grateful for your reminder about the joys of Uncle Wiggly. Does it show my age that I also own a copy? (Sadly, in storage stateside with the rest of my library, but it will definitely get a lookover again someday.)


  2. Thank you for reminding me about Uncle Wiggily. My mom read the Uncle Wiggily stories to me too. I have her copy of uncle Wiggily and His Friends that I read to my girls, as well. They are fun little stories that have a great singsongy tone that is ideal for bedtime.
    You mentioned that your copy does not have pictures. Mine has many colored illustrations of Mr. Longears and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. Unfortunately, my copy doesn’t say who the illustrator was.


  3. And here I thought my childhood reading was complete. I have no recollection of these books, but thankfully share with so many of you, being read to by my mother. This is a great idea from Rosie-books we reread.


      • Joel Chandler Harris…The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus…The southern old negro speak vernacular is almost too difficult for me to read and I’m from GA. The first book appeared in 1880. Richard Chase, who compiled and published the first complete works said, “These tales grew up in the soil of our nation. They came from the soul of a people. They endure.”

        Folktales that no one ever read to me…they were TOLD to me from memories of elder ones long passed.


  4. Thanks Susan, I’m sure the tales of Brer Rabbit that we had read to us in an English Primary school were watered down so that we could understand the words, but I loved the stories. Years later I found a mini version of some of the stories which I’ve kept.


  5. It’s too bad that we have become so PC that Joel Chandler Harris is no longer a top children’s story book and Song of the South will never be released again. It was one of my favorite movies. Who can forget Zippety Do Dah? I remember Uncle Wiggley, too – but haven’t thought of it in years! Going to look for a copy of an Uncle Wiggley book for future grandchildren.


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