Rosie’s Book Review Challenge – A Review from Madi

Today Book Review Challenger Madi has reviewed our book. Find Madi at

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Madi chose “Kings and Queens” by Terry Tyler

Kings and Queens - Terry Tyler

Kings and Queens – Terry Tyler

Here is her review.

Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler.

“In this book Terry Tyler draws her own story of Henry VIII, setting it in the modern day.
Harry Lanchester is a property magnate and will amaze the readers with his personality and behaviour. He is a decadent libertine who gets exactly what he wants, his way and divorces or “beheads” his multiple wives and mistresses when he is tired of them. Quite a cold and sometimes childlike character, Harry is a self indulgent man and Terry, through his six wives’ points of view and his best friend Will Brandon describes him as often a pathetic figure. For me it was difficult to decide if I liked or I hated him.Readers will be caught up by King and Queens, a real page turner and saga through the Lanchester family dramas, betrayals and mayhem. For readers who know the story of Henry the VIII, Kings and Queens offers a new interpretation of the Tudor period at a modern level, proving that human nature doesn’t change over decades. Whether it is about a reign or just about a family business, people love and hate and are going through many of the same dramas today.”Find a copy here from or