Book Review Challenge – A Review by Angie

Today we have a review from Book Review Challenger Angie, she blogs at

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Angie chose The Hollow Heart by Adrienne Vaughan.

Hollow Heart - Adrienne Vaughan

Hollow Heart – Adrienne Vaughan

Here is Angie’s review.

Format: Kindle and Paperback

Genre: Contemporary Romance

This is the first book in the The Heartfelt series, about Marianne Coltrane, an award winning journalist who breaks a story regarding babies, adoption and the church. After dealing with some traumatic and sad times, she decides that it’s about time she took a sabbatical from her job to spend some time in Ireland in a little place called Innishmahon.

It’s in Innishmahon that she runs – literally into Ryan O’Gorman an actor who hates journalists and has just landed his role in one of the biggest movies in history. She has met Ryan before at a ceremony award where he became her knight in shining armour but the politeness is short lived, when she finds that he is one of the most infuriating men she has ever met.

Marianne manages to make new friends in Innishmahon and becomes best friends with Oonagh Quinn and Kathleen Macready. Along with Oonagh’s husband Padar and Father Gregory, she falls in love with Innishmahon and decides to move there for good.

Both Marianne and Ryan had escaped to Innishmahon to get a break and find themselves but what they weren’t expecting to find was true love, or is it ???

When I first started this book, I thought I was going to need my tissues at the ready, getting a lump in my throat within the first few chapters but also wanted to smile at parts as well.

As I got into the story, I found myself liking Marianne even more, especially since she was a proper journalist doing good and not a celebrity crazed stalker. I also have to say that I absolutely loved how Adrienne wrote about Monty the dog, and the things that he would probably say if he were human.

I felt so many different emotions throughout the book and don’t think there were any characters that I didn’t like, even Paul her ex-colleague needed some sympathy by the end, even if he wasn’t the friend she thought he was.

I even loved the fact that it was set in Ireland, as it is one of my favourite places having visited Cork a couple of times. I could imagine the Irish accents of the characters throughout.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am glad I chose it as part of Rosie Amber’s book review challenge. I will definitely be purchasing the next instalment of Marianne Coltrane’s adventures.

I give this book four stars.

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20 thoughts on “Book Review Challenge – A Review by Angie

  1. Sincere thanks, Angie, you really ‘got it’ and I was genuinely moved to read how the characters appealed to you in different ways. It really is a story of ‘love conquers all’ but with twists and turns too, thrilled you enjoyed it and it made you smile, thank you for a fabulous review.
    Thanks for hosting this challenge too, Rosie, it’s been great fun.


  2. Great review!
    I loved everything about this book – setting, pace, characters.
    Adrienne’s second novel – Change of Heart is another really great read!


  3. I simply wanted to say that Angie the reviewer has done a great job in capturing the essence of this book – and has written a well crafted critique of it. I’ve read both of Adrienne’s novels and am waiting impatiently for the last in the series.


  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Angie’s review. Both of Adrienne’s novels left me with such a warm feeling, created by her great characterisation and engaging voice. I too am eagerly awaiting the third instalment. 🙂 X


  5. I can only agree with everyone’s comments. I have read both Adrienne Vaughan’s books and absolutely loved them. I’m glad Angie mentioned Monty as I thought he was a wonderful edition to all the colourful human characters. I am very much looking forward to the next instalment.


  6. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed both of Adrienne Vaughan’s novels, there is a freshness and vitality within the pages that fires the imagination. I shall definitely be downloading her next one.


    • Thank you Margaret, your help and encouragement, along with the other New Romantics 4, is one of the reasons my characters made it to the printed page …so glad we had the power to give them a life of their own!


  7. When I read The Hollow Heart, many months ago now, to begin with, I was completely caught up in Marianne’s heartbreak, then her romantic roller-coaster ride with Ryan, plus the other engaging characters met on Innishmahon. And, was only too happy to revisit them again in A Change of Heart. I agree totally with Angie’s review.


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