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Here is a book review from team member Dani. She blogs at

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Dani chose to read “Twilight’s Indian Princess” by Margaret Langstaff. It’s a quick read at just 41 pages long.

Twilight's Indian Princess

Here is Dani’s review.

Okay, what just happened?

This is forty pages of pure psychological weirdness. Not plot-oriented, no real character back-story, and no real relational development (unless you count the potato scene, which I’m not sure I do.)

And yet…Ms Langstaff pulls all of these things together with an absolutely gorgeous writing style that is rich and full, and that you can really get your teeth into. Whatever crazy things happen in the narrator’s brain become completely rational to read about simply because this woman writes with such confidence and flair. And in the end, the things we would expect from an instalment of a novel like this aren’t even necessary, because – and I’ll say this again – Margaret is a great writer.

Her protagonist, Sarah, is believable, easy to relate to and subtly funny. Sarah’s children came across beautifully in their letters, and it was really special to watch this author switch easily into different voices.

This book was, overall, a really fun read; short but juicy, and effortlessly humorous. It was enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend it.

That’s a four star rating for Margaret and ‘Twilight’s Indian Princess’, mostly because of my deep respect for her being able to pull something like this off.

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