Rosie’s Book Review Challenge – A Review from Jessie

Continuing our posts from Book review Challengers today we have a review from Jessie. She blogs at

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Jessie chose to review “An Englishwoman’s Guide To The Cowboy” By June Kearns.

An Englishwoman's Guide To The Cowboy - By June Kearns

An Englishwoman’s Guide To The Cowboy – By June Kearns

Here is her review.

For the first time ever I was given a copy of a book to review by it’s author. (Actually what happened was Rosie Amber put out a call for volunteer book reviewers and I stuck my virtual hand in the air and said “Me! Me! Pick me!”  – and then the author gave me a copy.)

But when I got the book, I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. Cowboy and Englishwoman romance- it could be awesome, it could be terrible. I’ve exchanged words with a few authors via book reviews before but never before I read the book. What if I hated it? What would I say? What had I agreed to?

Nothing for it, I took a breath, dove in and on the second page surprised myself by snorting out loud in laughter. Worries banished I settled in, ignored everyone I was on vacation with and spent the remainder of the afternoon giggling, snorting and laughing as I thoroughly enjoyed the book!

Would I recommend it? Had you told me that someone could successfully combine Louis L’Amour and Janet Evanovich I would have rolled my eyes. I would have been so, so wrong.

Is the ending a bit too perfect? Yes.

Did it stop my enjoyment of it? Not even a little bit.

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23 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Challenge – A Review from Jessie

  1. Thanks so much to Jessie for that great review – Janet Evanovich & Louis L’ Amour?! I just loved it! Review writing is such a labour of love, but soo appreciated!
    Huge thanks too, to Rosie for thinking up this review tour – another really innovative idea.


  2. I’ve read June’s debut and loved it. The writing, the humour, it’s all there and I’m not surprised at this great review.
    It is so deserved of this wonderful book.


  3. Fab review, Jessie! I so enjoyed this novel and have just finished June’s second book which I equally loved. She has such an engaging writing voice and adds just the right blend of pace/humour and great characterisation to both stories. Such a good idea, Rosie, this review tour! 🙂 xx


  4. Terrific review, and well-deserved – I read The Englishwoman’s Guide etc. months ago – and loved it.


  5. Coming late to the party and reading this on dodgy internet connection in deepest Worcestershire. Great review Jessie, I don;t know why you were so nervous. Isn;t COLT just a dreamy hero? Keep em coming June (and Jessie).


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