Guest Author Dr. Gary M Vasey

Today our guest is Dr. Gary M Vasey author of yesterday’s book The Last Observer. Here is a link to the post if you missed it.


Let’s find out more about Gary.

1) Where is your home town?

I’m not sure I have one to be honest. I am originally from Hull and I am a rabid Hull City supporter but I have not lived there since 1978! The last 26-years I have lived in Houston and Dallas, TX and then Brno and Prague, Czech Republic. I constantly have itchy feet and so I could be moving again soon. I have never put down roots and I am sure I never will – until I do literally push up daisies.


2) Can you tell the readers why you wrote this book?

I am fascinated by the nature of reality and also very interested in the esoteric and magic. My son and I were in a pub and discussing how science and metaphysics seem to coming together and the idea was born right there over a beer or four. The idea was that some people observe reality better than others and that if you could kill these people off you might be able to hijack reality. We thought what a great idea and wouldn’t that make a great movie! After we had finished casting it the idea died for about 4-years until my son asked me if I had written it yet. I hadn’t but I started the project right there and then.


3) Please briefly explain how magicians think the Universe is formed?

Gosh – that’s not an easy answer and I am not sure I can purport to represent others in my answer either to be honest. We would in simple terms, see a world of ideas or thoughts as being behind the physical world – its been called the astral plane by some. There thoughts take on form and can become reality. It is really much more complex than that but we would see the Universe as mental.


4) Stan has a wonderful gift, how does he see an ordinary cup of tea?

He sees or tastes an ordinary cup of tea as like a second best version of tea he can imagine! I guess the idea I was trying to get across there is that we can and often do imagine something as being so much better than the actual reality of a thing.


5) When in Yorkshire, your characters went to a stone circle, did you base this on any particular circle in Britain today?

No – just a generic stone circle but I wanted it to be in the Moors and I naturally thought of the North Yorkshire Moors as I am familiar with them. There is just something about The Moors isn’t there? Raw, natural and yet beautiful.


6) In the book the characters discuss “Sleepers” can you briefly explain to the readers the definition of a “Sleeper”?

It’s not a nice term is it? It’s akin to being a muggle really and that’s not a nice term either is it? It means asleep to the reality or actuality around them. They are sucked in to the realism of the material and physical world and all of their focus is on it as opposed to the spiritual world. We are all asleep for most of our lives I think and when we awaken its probably through a spiritual experience or an initiation in which suddenly we realize we have been lied to all of our lives. You start to look harder and question harder and not just accept what you are told.

I actually think you can sleep on multiple levels. For example, you can be so occupied with worry that as you walk through a city you really see nothing of it at all. At the other extreme, you are asleep to what you really are and what is really around you and you fail to see the spiritual side of reality. In the book of course, it is used in a derogatory manner because the person who is making the observation is essentially full of herself….


7) Zeltan is angry with the world of science. Does he believe that science is stumbling towards revealing secrets of the universe to the mass population?

Yes – Zeltan believes that Science is creating an easy route to making magic and that it is on the very verge of understanding the basis of magic. In essence, science is about to prove what philosophers have proclaimed about reality for more than 2000 years. He doesn’t want ordinary folk – sleepers – to have access to such power especially when it has been hidden for centuries. I can’t say much more without giving away the plot I am afraid.


8) What talent does Alison bring to the group?

Alison is a polar opposite to one of the protagonists but in character she feels superior and she is vain. Not quite the right qualities for a super magician…


9) The 4 elements; Fire, water, air and earth are important in the balance of the universe. Which characters match these elements?

Again, I fear if I answer this question it gives too much away… Let’s just say that the elements are the building blocks of reality and each is counterbalanced by the others. Similarly, the elements within each of us dictate to some extent the kind of person we are and so we work upon the elements and metals within us as the Great Work in order to perfect ourselves.


10) Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

They can visit one of my blogs at or and there they will find masses of further reading.

The Last Observer: A Magical Battle for realityFind a copy of this book here from or

Thank you Gary.

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  1. Hi Rosie .. what a fun idea for a book and I like books based in the UK, so I can relate to their places … the mixing of reality with the elements and magic – interesting concepts … Good luck to Gary … and thanks for showcasing him and his book/s .. cheers to you both – Hilary


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