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Today’s Book Review Challenge reviewer is Elaine Jeremiah.

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Elaine has read and reviewed Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler


Here is Elaine’s Review;

An intriguing twist on a well-known historical saga

This book was a slow burner for me. I felt it took a while to get going, in terms of the action unfolding. But once it did the story pulled me along and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I thought the idea of updating the story of Henry 8th and his six wives to modern day Britain was ingenious. The story begins in the seventies when Harry Lanchester takes over the running of the family business when his father dies. Tyler goes on to tell the tale of Harry and his succession of wives and mistresses in a saga which spans four decades. Tyler depicts the passing decades with accuracy and nothing ever felt anachronistic as I was reading it.

I thought that Tyler did a fantastic job in getting inside the heads of Harry’s love interests. All of the six women were completely different from each other in terms of character and disposition, and that helped to make the story move along quickly. I think the character who stood out for me the most was the updated Anne Boleyn – Annette Hever. I really felt that Tyler almost resurrected Anne Boleyn in the form of this modern character and she felt so real – I could easily understand how she’d taken Harry’s heart and then lost it again.

Harry Lanchester was equally believable and knowing a little bit about Henry 8th, I could easily picture him in my mind. He’s an equally likeable and ‘loathable’ character and I thought that Tyler mirrored Henry 8th’s character with that of the modern Harry perfectly.

You don’t have to know anything about history to enjoy this novel and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a gripping story with an exciting plot and memorable characters.

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11 thoughts on “Book Review Challenge – Book review from Elaine

  1. Elaine Jeremiah provided an honest and full review. Well done. I liked that she added you don’t need to know the history in order to enjoy the reading. I think a lot of people would assume otherwise. Thanks! 🙂


    • Thanks, Dino – yes, I always knew that would be a problem, so I’ve made it clear on the Amazon blurb that it can be read just as contemporary fiction. I really liked that she added that, too! In the front of the book there is a link to a mini bio of Henry that I wrote, for those who don’t know the story but would like to. A few have said it’s been very helpful!


  2. What can I say but thanks to Rosie and Elaine, for inviting me to the book review challenge, and for reading and enjoying my book!


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