Irish Inheritance by Paula Martin

Irish InheritanceIrish Inheritance by Paula Martin

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This book begins with two people finding that they have been left a half share of a house in Ireland by Miss Helena Keating, a lady neither of them had ever heard of. Jenna Sutton is an aspiring English actress, while Guy Sinclair is an American artist.

The house is in Clifden, County Galway and known by it’s Irish name of “Mist Na Mara”. The two travel to Ireland to find out more about the house and find themselves on a mystery. Research through family trees reveal unexpected relatives and big decisions to be made about the future of the house.

The story takes the reader on a lovely trail around the Emerald Isle mixed with the people through history who brought Jenna and Guy to the romantic house of the cliff tops of the wild rugged coastline, and where ghosts can finally be laid to rest. The couple must work through their own needs for the future so that they can decide what to do with their inheritance.

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16 thoughts on “Irish Inheritance by Paula Martin

  1. Have downloaded it because of your review and the reviews of others on Amazon proving how helpful reviews are to the author and the reader. Loved the cover, something else that pushes me one way or another. So many books, so little time, as the saying goes.


  2. Looks like a terrific read! Sadly, not available on Amazon UK so I’ve downloaded it from your side of the pond. Can’t wait to get started.


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