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Good Luck readers with the Book Reviewing Challenge

Hopefully you will have received your book/ books or will be getting them today.

Let me know if you didn’t get a book, please do check spam, some of the filters do a good job.


Our first book review from the challenge will be posted tomorrow.


On the back of the success of the Book Review Challenge, I want to launch the idea of a voluntary Book Review Team. This would give author’s a wider book reviewing audience based in one location. Reviewers would need to be able to post any book reviews on at least 2 platforms such as their blogs, Goodreads, Amazon etc Plus provide a copy to be posted here on Rosie Amber’s blog where they would be personally acknowledged for the review. They would need to be able to read and review the book within a reasonable time such as one month from the date of receiving the book. (This is only a  base line figure at this stage.)

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Any author approaching me for a review would be given the choice of offering the book to any book review team members. I really do believe that future book sales will rely more on book reviews. There would be no guarantee that reviewers will choose a book, but I would like to trial the idea and see how it pans out.

When I get book requests I will send around the book details to reviewers who can then make a request to read and review the book.

I hope this might lead to offering reviews for a wider range of book genres, anyone interested in joining should express any genre preferences. Reviewers would be under no to obligation to read a set number of books, just to be in a position to write a review for every book unless they find that the book really isn’t for them.

I already have 4 interested reviewers and 2 authors. If this would interest you send me your details on the form below and tell me any book genre preference you have. Authors should contact me via the “Your Book Reviewed” tab at the top of the blog.

For instance Randy Mixter is just launching his latest book “The Road to Yesterday” and we are just discussing his interest in offering the book to my team of reviewers in an e-format such as Kindle. His book is a 110 page novella, here is the book description;

Sometimes you can go home again. Dave Burke cannot forget his past. Nor can he forgive himself for the tragedy that cost him everything he ever loved, a tragedy he may have prevented. Now, two years later, strange things are happening, things that suggest there may be hope for him after all. The power of love. Is it strong enough to conquer time itself?

Another author Jane Godman writes for Harlequin E-books and we are discussing her offering her new gothic romance, Echoes in the Darkness, currently part of a Shivers Box set but due for release on the 7th July. Books would all be in e-formats (Poss PDF’s)

We have to start the team somewhere, so let me know if you want to be a part of this in the near future.

12 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team

  1. I would certainly be interested once the finer points have been ironed out. I’ll keep in touch.


  2. This is a great idea! I filled out the form. I’m not into genre fiction, but humorous, sort of literary, fiction, which I love and have read and studied for a long time (and also write myself). Also great historical fiction. I could review maybe one or two books a month because of my other commitments, though I’d be happy to do more as time allows. Count me in!


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