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Come in, Come in, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Find a seat, we’ve all sorts, a cosy chair by the fire, a squishy sofa under the window, a chair to soothe a bad back, huge beans bags to slide into, cushions on the floor, there’s toys in a basket for little ones to enjoy and the kettle’s on for a pot of tea. Help yourself to a cake, I baked them this morning, come in come in.

Let me spin you a yarn and let your imagination fly, can you see the shelves stacked with all sorts of books, all calling to you softly to be read. Old favourites, classics, serials, and short stories, poetry, and plays. Can you imagine their covers? Can you see the colours? Can you hear the words whispering to you?

Look all around, the coffee table is spilling with new titles fresh of the presses, paperbacks, hardbacks, book sleeves to touch and hold.

Twinkling at you from the corner, sparkling in the sunlight, Kindles, e-readers, tablets and more all hum and weaving a spell of enchantment drawing you near.

Take your pick, browse, peak inside, read a page or two….

Leave the world outside,  take a deep refreshing breath, take the weight off your feet and put your life on hold.  Join us to read and then write a book review.



Books are rolling in for this book review challenge. It’s open to anyone and everyone, not just readers. Are you an author? What can you give back to others who read your books? Ever heard of “What you give out you get back ten-fold?” Take action today.

From July 1st 3 e-copies of the following books will be available FREE for you to choose to read. All we ask is for you to read just 1 and write a review which will then be posted here and other sites where possible. Starting next week on Wednesday 25th June we’ll be posting a series on book reviews to help and advise you.

Why not choose your book today? First come first served.

So where can we take you?

1) Do you fancy an adventure in the forests of Windemere with young warrior Luke Callindor sent to protect the heir of Duke Soloman? REQUEST A COPY OF BEGINNING OF A HERO BY CHARLES E. YALLOWITZ

2) How about a modern twist on Tudor history? Relive the life of Henry VIII through the eyes of Harry Lanchester and his merry wives. REQUEST A COPY OF KINGS AND QUEENS BY TERRY TYLER

3) Are you in a romantic mood? How about a romantic Highland fling? REQUEST A COPY OF TALL, DARK AND KILTED BY LIZZIE LAMB

4) Or how about a romantic romp with journalists in Norfolk with wedding bells in the air? REQUEST A COPY OF BOOT CAMP BRIDE BY LIZZIE LAMB

5) Want to escape your superpowers? Null City is they place to be in this New Adult paranormal fantasy. REQUEST A COPY OF ONE WAY FARE BY BARB TAUB

6) Perhaps you’ve read One Way Fare? Here’s a chance to read the second book in the series. REQUEST A COPY OF DON’T TOUCH BY BARB TAUB

7) How about a bit of gruesome history? England 1647, civil war and Matthew Hopkins sweeps through the land as the Witchfinder. REQUEST A COPY OF THE BLACK HOURS BY ALISON WILLIAMS

8)  Could you see yourself at a tournament of Gamesmen as they play a game of Comet? There’s a mystery man and a potion maker in this fantasy. REQUEST A COPY OF THE BIRR ELIXIR BY JO SPARKES

9) Love a thriller? Travel with John Cannon as his relaxing leave of absence turns into a nightmare when his boat is attacked by terrorists. REQUEST A COPY OF MY GRL BY JOHN W. HOWELL

10) Can we tempt you with a spiritual quest? Albion, is the oldest name for Britain. Wen and Don take you on a mystical journey through Myths and Legends of these blessed Isles. REQUEST A COPY OF THE HEART OF ALBION BY SUE VINCENT & STUART FRANCE

11) Crime? The first book in the Georgie Connelly crime series. Join feisty documentary film-maker Georgie as she dangerously plans to expose Gentleman’s Clubs. REQUEST A COPY OF BUSINESS AS USUAL BY E.L.LINDLEY

12) NON-FICTION here’s the chance to get some help promoting your work. REQUEST A COPY OF HOW TO PROMOTE AND MARKET YOUR BOOK BY MADI PREDA

13) There’s more romance on it’s way.  Marianne Coltrane’s writes an award winning scoop about the sale of babies. Destiny will take her to an island off the wild west coast of Ireland. Love a mix of Ireland and romance? REQUEST A COPY OF THE HOLLOW HEART BY ADREINNE VAUGHAN

14) If you’ve read The Hollow Heart by Adrienne Vaughan, here’s your chance to loose yourself in more Irish themed romance with the second book in the series. REQUEST A COPY OF A CHANGE OF HEART BY ADREINNE VAUGHAN

15) How about a murder mystery set in a coastal resort in Maine? REQUEST A COPY OF DEATH IN A RED CANVAS CHAIR BY N.A GRANGER

16) Step back in time to Georgia and the deep south for this book, real people struggling to survive with segregation and inequality. This is a fictionalised real story. REQUEST A COPY OF RED CLAY AND ROSES BY S.K. NICHOLLS

17) TJ Therien has his fantasy book for FREE on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, so no limit on the number of copies but he’d still like reviews.

18) British Adult comedy comes in the form of the Derek series, we have the first book available as a kindle download for UK reader/ challengers only. REQUEST A COPY OF PLEASE CALL ME DEREK BY MAC BLACK

19) 1867, the American Wild West. British raised girl Annie meets wild man Colt McCall after a stagecoach crash. Fantastic cowboy romance. UK readers + we’re working on a plan for the rest of the world. REQUEST A COPY OF AN ENGLISHWOMAN’S GUIDE TO THE COWBOY BY JUNE KEARNS

20) 1924, the English Shires. Jazzing flappers and a half share in a million acre ranch in Texas. Historical romance. Uk readers + we’re working on a plan for the rest of the world. REQUEST A COPY OF THE 20’S GIRL, THE GHOST AND ALL THAT JAZZ BY JUNE KEARNS

21) Next we have a Young adult thriller set in and around a  commune. REQUEST A COPY OF JADED BY KRISTY FELTENBERGER-GILLESPI

I’m also waiting confirmation of several more books, so I’ll keep you all posted.

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