The Lost Centurion by Monica La Porta

Product DetailsThe Lost Centurion by Monica La Porta

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The Lost Centurion is the first book in The Immortals series. Marcus has been roaming the world for more than 2000 years in search of the man who killed his wife. Turned into an Immortal and saved by the God Apollo after a fatal war wound, Marcus is finally in reach of his quarry.

An informant has come forward and Marcus hastens to meet him in Rome’s ancient Forum. It’s a dangerous meeting involving vampires which ends in a fight, the death of the informant and the rescue of a young women.

Diana Valente had an incurable disease and the only way to save her was turn her into a vampire. With her sire dead, Marcus is left do deal with a young vampling going through the change who desperately needs blood to survive. Thrown into saving a member of the enemy, Marcus finds himself falling for Diana. She ignites emotions in him which have been buried for hundreds of years since he lost his wife, Aurelia.

As a renegade Marcus is not protected by the 1492 Peace Pact between the Vampires and the Immortals, and head of the Vampire nest, Claudius wants his vampling back. Both Marcus and Claudius seek revenge over the death of Aurelia and shocking events are revealed to Marcus about his former life. Can he save Diana, where he couldn’t save his first love? He has no choice but to enter the vampire nest and attend the ascending of the new bride ritual.

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