Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler

Kings And QueensKings And Queens by Terry Tyler

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Kings and Queens is a modern day take on the life of Henry VIII. Beginning in the 1970’s Harry Lanchester becomes heir to his father’s business after his older brother is killed in an accident. With his father passing away soon after, Harry becomes Chairman and Managing Director of the firm at the age of 18 years.

Terry Tyler had great fun with the character names, Harry’s first wife is Cathy Ferdinand and there are lots of other names which had me checking the history books to see how clever Terry was and to remind myself of the life of the real Henry VIII. It was a period of history which I enjoyed studying many years ago, so I loved all the names that Terry came up with.

Harry is a larger than life character who has women swooning at his feet. He meets business demands head on and throws himself enthusiastically into new schemes and new women with great intensity. Terry writes the chapters from the points of view of the characters which requires lots of different mind-sets and a great writing skill. A very good read mixing history and modern day extremely well.

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  1. Just read this and loved it all over again! xx
    I like how you mentioned the beginning of the actual story in it – because it is, first and foremost, a contemporary drama, a story in itself. Thank you!


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