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Today our guest is June Kearns author of yesterday’s book “An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy” Here is a link to the post if you missed it.

June Kearns

Let’s find out more about June and her writing.

1)Where is your home town?

I grew up in a little Victorian railway town in Buckinghamshire, England, but have lived in Leicestershire since I first started teaching.


2)How long have you been writing?

As a solitary little girl (only child!), I started writing things down almost as soon as I could read. How did the author do that, I remember thinking about certain passages in my first reading books.


3)You write historical romance, what period do you like best?

I don’t have a special favourite. For me, a new story is often sparked by attraction to a character, rather than a period – occasionally an anniversary of an event, a film or book. Sometimes, just something in the air!


4) “An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy” is a western. What inspired this book?

Partly a love of that Western genre – from Elmore Leonard stories, and films like The Big Country, where cool, silent, cowboy heroes, bruised by life, bring order west of the Pecos!

Partly too, a fascination with the landscape. Having been brought up in England, with tidy fields and neat hedges, I’m fascinated by the effect that wide, empty land, stretching to the horizon would have on a person.


5) Do you have any particular heroes from the Western period?

I’m so predictable! All those rangy, decent-hearted, fictional ones who carry their good looks like old saddle-bags flung over one shoulder.

Rugged, graceful Gregory Peck, in The Big Country.(Sigh.)

The intense and mysterious Clint Eastwood, (Pale Rider).

Paul Newman in Hombre and Butch Cassidy, with that sapphire stare that melts at 50 paces!

I admire the bravery and spirit of Native American heroes, too – like Sitting Bull, who’s said to have studied the tactics of Caesar.


6) There are ghostly figures in the background of both books, tell us a little about them.

The ghostly element in “An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy” was sparked by reading about traditions of myth and magic in Native American tribes, when I was researching.

In “The 20’s Girl” I just wanted to summon up a “Blithe Spirit” feeling, although I couldn’t hope to match Noel Coward, and that fabulous play!


7)The 20’s Girl was really fun, what’s your favourite thing about the Jazz era.

I just love the style and fashion! And the music.

When I started writing though, I read “Singled Out” by Virginia Nicholson, describing the plight of those women in England at the time, with little hope of finding a husband. They were given advice! “Never wear extreme fashions. Men prefer a quieter mode of dress.” And, “Try not to have opinions. Rather, learn to cook a good dinner.” Poor things. Can you imagine?


8) Can you tell the readers how a man from Texas might be able to rescue Gerry from bankruptcy?

The man from Texas was ready and willing, to buy back the half-share of his cattle ranch that Gerry (to his horror) had inherited, thus saving her from squalor and penury. Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared to agree quite so readily.

9) What was Gerry’s Aunt’s dying wish?
Leonie’s dying wish was for her niece to go and see the Texan ranch for herself. Why? She didn’t ever explain.

10) I’d love to read Scoot’s tale, do you think a sequel might be on the cards?
A sequel? Oh, that’s interesting. Usually though, when I’ve finished a book, I like to leave the characters alone, let them get on with their lives and move on. But, never say never! We’ll see.
At the moment, I’m researching the 1930’s, initially inspired by Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gellhorn and Robert Capa, and hope to publish a new book, in 2015.

An Englishwoman's Guide to the Cowboy






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I’ll be reviewing June’s second book “The 20’s Girl, the ghost and All That Jazz” next week

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  2. Two books in under two years, that’s quite an achievement, June. I look forward to reading#3 when its finished. Can you drop a hint as to what its about ?


  3. Such a lovely interview, June. The mere mention of Paul Newman sent me off on a swoon fest! What a looker that man was! I so enjoyed reading your first novel and although I haven’t yet had a proper chance to get stuck into 20s Girl, I just know I’m going to love that one too. It sounds fab, with great character names and an equally intriguing storyline. Best of luck with Book #3 Xx


  4. Love the sound of Book Three, June. Am reminded how Book One (Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy) cost me precious sleep! (It’s three in the morning but just one more chapter.)


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