Reborn by Cherie Reich (29th May)

Reborn (The Fate Challenges, #1)Reborn by Cherie Reich

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Reborn is the first book in The Fate Challenges series, a YA fantasy. A short story prequel is available for the series called Magna’s Plea. Reborn opens with a prophecy about a baby girl who will be brought back to life to fulfil a role of Phoenix Prophetess to the people of Amora.

We meet the young girl Yssa just about to set off for her training as she turns seventeen years old. She’s been living quietly on an island with her parents until it is her time to have full training as a Prophetess.

Yssa has visions about her future and the future of the people, but there are plenty who want to see her fail. The Gods argue over her, and Fate must be left to find its way. Yssa has a guard whom she must learn to trust. After the death of her parents Yssa’s grief makes her run away. She finds peace in the forest of Waldbaum with the Woodwose, strange simple folk who make time irrelevant.

Although staying in the forest helps heal Yssa, ultimately she knows she must return to help save the land from the Great Beyonders, a race of fearsome Northerners who wish to plunder and kill. Dangled as a piece of bait, the Queen sends Yssa as an envoy to stop the Beyonders, but her mission fails and so the vision of a burning city looks like it will come true.

This book features magic and wonderful creatures in a well thought out land. The visions work really well and the relationships between Yssa and those that vie for her affection and attention tantalise just enough to keep the reader wanting more, without taking away too much from the main theme of the book. I look forward to reading the second book in the series and a continuation of Yssa’s journey.

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