Derek’s Revenge by Mac Black

Derek's RevengeDerek’s Revenge by Mac Black

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Derek Toozlethwaite is a journalist in Newingsworth who is trying to write a book. So far he has failed to find a suitable subject for his book, instead his research has got him into trouble. He’s also been thinking about his past, he’s never known his Mum, Granny and Grandad Smith raised him and there has never been any talk about his Mum.

Fans of Derek know that his life if full of crazy adventures and comical characters and to this end we find Derek quickly in trouble stuck sideways inside a caravan in a ditch with Hammy. With the help of the local fire brigade the rusty relic finally finds its way into Derek’s garden.

CafΓ© owner Anton, provides Derek with an idea for his book when he reminisces about a local rock band, who once used the cafΓ© as their meeting place. They later found fame in America calling themselves Rabid Revenge. Derek decides he’ll write up the story behind the band and sets out to hunt down the band members.

There’s a surprising romance for Hammy, another falling out between Derek and wife Sally and Grandad is accused of stalking a lovely young American lady in Bisko’s supermarket. Will Derek get the story he needs? And finally write his book Rabid Revenge Revisited?

Another greatly entertaining book in the Derek series written by Scottish author Mac Black, with his distinctive style of comedy.

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  1. Hi there, Rosie – This sounds like a very cute book. I like the cover too as so many of us still ‘judge a book by it’s cover’. πŸ™‚


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