Darkening Around Me by Barbara J Hancock

Darkening Around MeDarkening Around Me by Barbara J. Hancock

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It’s September in the Pacific Northwest and Samantha is driving to Thornleigh, to meet Miles O’Keefe who is going to create a clay likeness of her, which will help her move on with her life.

Samantha has her own horrific past and her strength to overcome it helps her face “The Thornleigh Bride” who haunts the house and lives of those who live there. No visitor is safe if they stay longer than a week from the madness which takes hold.

Passionately drawn to Miles, their lust seems forbidden. With a garden full of haunting statues, and employee living in a house full of scary dolls and time running out, will Samantha survive the wrath of the ghost?

This book may well send a shiver down your spine.

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