Year 2 Good Deeds Week 3

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

May 4th – There’s a lovely bit of a buzz for my new page on Editing, Publishing and More I hadn’t realised it might be quite popular.

Our bird box with its camera and our Blue-tit family which I began to tell everyone about last week has had several people chatting too.

May 5th – May Bank Holiday today so things are a bit quiet, not helped by having no internet for most of the day. I was able to add book reviewer “A Woman’s Wisdom” to the growing resources for writing as mentioned above. I think I’ll rename the title of the page, I’m still playing with it all. Sent the eldest child off with edible goodies when she met up with friends.

May 6th – Yesterday’s lack of internet went downhill , when within an hour of its return the whole area lost all its electricity. 5 hours later we were connected back up by a huge generator which is parked outside our back gate and is powering the whole estate. It’s noisy but at least we have electric. Finally got my review of Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler written, and it will appear here on the blog early June. Let a gentleman go before me in the supermarket queue as he only had one item. Added 2 more people to the page that I’m now going to call Resources for writers, Editing, publishing and more.

May 7th – Stuck at home today with a sick child, I have agreed to review The Manila Strangler by Steven Donahue it will join a small queue of books that I have at the moment. Today on the blog there was a guest author interview with Jack Croxall click here if you missed it

May 8th – Getting back to normal today, picked up litter. WE HAVE BABIES! The blue-tits are starting to hatch this evening. So far we have 3 out of 7.

May 9th – There is a bundle of grey fluff in the blue-tit nest so not sure how many we’ve got to, with the glimpses we’re getting. Lots of activity and mad feeding going on.

Dropped some books off at the charity shop, picked up some litter. Friends came over for a Spring-watch session on the TV. We watched a grainy grey picture of tiny fledglings stumbling about the nest, climbing over each other and the un-hatched eggs, the Dad coming in with caterpillars so huge he didn’t know how to get them into his offspring’s mouths and the mother bird taking them from him and mashing them up for the babies in her own mouth. Nature is so amazing.

May 10th – A bit of IT help for my Mum this morning. Picked up litter on the way home. Finished reading The Hollow Heart by Adreinne Vaughan and sent off my review. Started the second book in the series, A change of Heart. Good deeds received ; Off out for a 50th birthday party tonight and being picked up by friends.

9 thoughts on “Year 2 Good Deeds Week 3

  1. Hey Rosie:-) How exciting to watch blue tit babies hatch, and your description of the huge caterpillar really made me smile:-) Nature truly is magical. I’m going to check out your new page now! Blessings on your week dear friend:-) Hugs, Harula xxx


    • Thank you Harula, we are desperately trying to count how many babies there are when the Mum returns with food. We have to count the great oval shaped mouths which look twice the size of the babies as they demand to be fed.


  2. A very worthwhile week despite the internet hiccups Rosie. You must have the cleanest town around now. I must do more to emulate your example.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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  4. How exciting to have babies to watch! We once had some birds nest in the summer/spring wreath on our front door and got an earful when we went to open the door. We ended up putting crime scene tape across the entryway with a huge sign telling visitors to go to the back door. We had to peek to see the babies.


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