Letter U on The A to Z April Challenge 2014

Today it’s letter U on the A to Z Challenge. My book today is Unforgiven by Barbara J Hancock. Genre – Romance.


Barbara J. Hancock UNFORGIVEN

The problem with fighting evil is it often comes in a very attractive package. Orphaned when vampires massacred her family, Jade has been trained as an elite Haven’s Warrior. She is pure, untouched and focused on revenge. Sheltered in a remote mountain temple, Jade has known nothing but discipline her entire life.

Dillon is as undisciplined as they come, a rogue vampire with rock-star style and a cowboy’s whisky-kissed drawl. He’s been through hell more than once in his one hundred and fifty years, but this is the cruellest blow of all—to become a monster who craves a woman’s trust.

Life’s a bitch and then you don’t die.

This is the Raveneaux Vampires Book 2, “Hunger” is the first in the series.



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Goodreads/ blog https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2787211.Barbara_J_Hancock

Barbara is back with us on the blog in early May with a review of another of her books “Darkening Around Me” and guest author interview, do come back and find out more about this romance writer.

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  1. Only five posts left after this one. I’ve really enjoyed reading about the wide variety of genres ‘out there’. This one sounds intriguing and I enjoyed reading the blurb.


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