Letter S on The A to Z April Challenge 2014

Today is letter S on the A to Z April blogging challenge. My book today is “Silk, Spice and Furry Dice” from Andy N Robinson. Genre: Travel

Silk Spice and Furry Dice
Overlanding in Central Asia with a film crew

by Andy N Robinson

Silk, Spice and Furry Dice

Andy N Robinson has spent the last decade taking groups on tour all over the world, working for many of the big names in the adventure travel industry. On this occasion he dragged himself and his well-travelled furry dice out of retirement for ‘one last trip’.
He often wondered what on earth he was thinking.
Silk Spice and Furry Dice is an amusing and unique account of the challenges faced when filming a documentary abroad and supporting a Japanese film crew on an epic journey along the Silk Road from Istanbul to Beijing. People from different countries and cultures collided for a one off project and proceeded to make life as difficult as possible for themselves.
With refreshing honesty Andy recounts life on the road, looking at not only his own wayward actions, but the inner workings of the film crew, the relationships simultaneously forming and crumbling around him as well as painting a painting a picture of the magical world that is Central Asia.
As Andy soon found out there is a lot more to making a documentary than meets the eye and far more to travelling overland than seeing the sights…

Silk, Spice and Furry Dice will be published both in print and eBook by Black Frog Publishing on the 30th August 2014

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Andy and his partner Kirsty were guest authors here on the blog back in November click on the link to find out more about them and travelling http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-2RV

Andy is also the co-author of ‘It’s NOT a Holiday! The A-Z Guide to Group Travel’, ‘Go Hard or Go Home: The Little Book of Overlanding’ and ‘Overlanding: How, What, Where and Who With…?’

All books are available to buy via Amazon and all major eRetailers
You can also order limited signed paperback copies of all books at www.blackfrogpublishing.com and browse the travel resources as well.
You can follow Andy @FlagonOfCider and @TheFrogFather as well as on Facebook at Black Frog Publishing.

I met Andy and Kirsty here on the A to Z tour last year and we have become firm blogging friends, I have read and reviewed two of their books and recommend them to anyone.
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17 thoughts on “Letter S on The A to Z April Challenge 2014

  1. Hi Rosie .. Andy sounds as though it was nearly one too many tours – but he seems from your telling at having a knack to pulling it off … The book sounds amazingly interesting and what a cast of characters … crumbs is all I can say! I’ll remember the Silk, Spice and Furry Dice … thanks for highlighting his world for us – cheers Hilary


  2. Thanks so much Rosie! I particularly like that we are ‘firm blogging friends’. You certainly have the measure of Andy (not many do!) – well done.

    Susan – you are so right… There never really is a ‘last trip’. Andy promises me there won’t be any more (with passengers that is) but it remains to be seen. Put it this way, I am not holding my breadth.

    Hilary – yes, that trip was almost one too many.

    Andy and I are now looking forward to emigrating to Australia next week where hopefully we will be doing lots of trips exploring the outback. You will have come on a camping trip with us Rosie 😉


  3. Thank you Rosie – you are a ★!

    Not really sure what Kirsty means – there’s always room for one more trip….:) But I do agree with you having the measure of me…ha!

    The aim to make people smile and hopefully show something of the alternative side of travel. Susan, I am planning another trip to SA when the next Lions tour is in town…:)


  4. This is a great book and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Really funny and entertaining as well as full of fascinating information and insights into different cultures. Great post.


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