Completed a Year of Doing Good Deeds


I’ve made it! A whole Year of Doing Good Deeds!

On 16th April 2013 I began reading A Year Of Doing Good by Judith O’Reilly, from the very first few pages I decided to see if I too, could do at least one Good Deed a day. A year sounded an awfully  long time, and I was half way through the 2013 A to Z Challenge, so I kept quiet and challenged myself to make it to the end of April. I would then assess how I had done and how hard it might be to carry on. I made it to the end of the month and decided to write posts about my deeds, that way I was a little more committed to following through with the challenge. Weekends were slow for blog views, so I decided to post a weekly round-up on a Sunday. I was amazed that within a couple of weeks I had people following my deeds and also being inspired to do their own challenge. I’ve made a great friend in Harula at Words that serve, she lives way up in Scotland, but each week we look forward to reading each others posts and we’ve built up a great supportive relationship.



Let me ask you a question or two;

What are you doing with your time here on earth?

Why are you here?

Recently I’ve read Saving our Pennys Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch. There’s a little scene in the book during a lesson that I’d like you to think about. You could be lucky enough to have 36500 days of life if you live to be 100. So how many of those have you lived so far? And what have you done with the days that you have has so far that have made you proud? If, like me, you had a little shock as to the number of days that have already gone by, then I urge you to think about what you’ll do with the days that you have left (An unknown number for most of us, I assume) Use your days, be sincere, be genuine, take nothing for granted, treat others well, treat yourself well, BE GREAT.

I couldn’t agree more with the following lines;

Slow down, make choices, have a purpose in life.

Ask not “What are you going to do for me?” But “What can I do for you?” It’s much more rewarding to ask the second question.

It took me 322 days of this 365 day journey to find out why I was doing this. The answer came in Roy and Jeff’s book.


Judith O’Reilly said of her own experiment to do a “Year of Good Deeds”, that it didn’t work. BUT IT DID! It inspired me and others like me, and every single deed she did had a ripple effect in the universe, caring is all it takes, caring and deciding to make a difference.

So what did I achieve in my year?

This year I have reached out and touched so many lives, I have read and reviewed books, promoted authors and writers, provided guest interviews. I’ve picked up litter, baked cakes, sent letters, given flowers. I’ve donated books and clothes to charity and I have given my money to many good causes. I’ve made visits and helped people, I’ve made time for others, I’ve invited people into my home and I’ve provided food, peace and a listening ear.

So what will I do now?

Well……. I’m going to keep on doing it all! And I’ll continue to record my Good deeds because for every person I reach out to, I make a connection and cause a ripple effect.

I need to write down my deeds to keep me going, I am not a saint I am still a child of the Universe and I make mistakes, I stumble and fall, I have my days when I need to off load, I find myself moaning, but if I have learnt to be aware of the words that come out of my mouth, and if I am reminded by my cause, then I can choose to change and keep making a difference. I will be on that rollercoaster of life because I interact with society, I have a family and a job, and I, inevitably, will succumb to the speeding ride of life. But I know where the brake is and I know I can choose to pull that brake and step off the ride, slow down and live in the moment. I have the potential to keep making a difference.

Good deeds

Will I have your support for the rest of my journey? Have you been inspired by this post or by any of my weekly posts during my challenge? Do you think I should carry on? Do you think I’m making a difference to the world?


20 thoughts on “Completed a Year of Doing Good Deeds

  1. Congratulations… though that seems perhaps the wrong word. And thank you… !
    It is with the small deeds, unseen and unsung as often as not, that we change the world, for others,.. and for ourselves.


  2. I’ve entered your world at the end of your challenge and it sounds like a great pursuit which it wouldn’t be a bad thing for you to continue. I like your ripple effect. If we all reach out and help others a lot of understanding will be built within and outside communities. It can make a fantastic difference to someone’s minute, day or lifetime and potentially if it ripples on from them to a far wider world. Well done. Hopefully even if we don’t record what we’ve done we will all try to do this where possible. Cheers Irene


  3. Just the greatest post Rosie. Yes, carry on and when the year is up you will still keep carrying on. There are a zillion ways to make a difference; picking up litter, helping an old lady across the road, giving a sandwich to a hungry person. Recycling. Not buying plastic. You are doing this consciously and this is what matters. I had a BIG discussion recently with one of my friends as to whether doing a good deed is a duty as opposed to an expression of one’s self … my conclusion is that doing good whether from the self or as duty actually are not exclusive to each other. Just do it! Consciously.
    Thank you and yes I support you all the way ..
    Garden of Eden Blog


      • Hi Rosie, litter is my bug bear. Unbelievable that people can be so care-less towards Nature. I wrote about this in a chapter in my book a few years back …chapter was called ‘Beyond Duty’ and focused on the thoughtlessness of tossing out garbage that birds dogs a child etc could harm themselves on …


  4. Dearest Rosie, this is such a beautiful post, it just feels so incredibly heartfelt and sincere and also simple and grounded. I’m really touched, and I also appreciate the mention of course, but more, the ongoing inspiration and support. It has been such a joy and a blessing to share this beautiful journey with you. I am so glad you are going to continue and, as I said in my email, intend to do the same. I would so miss these Sunday moments of reflection, when I look back on my week and realise how rich it has been. I am completely sure that you have made a positive difference to the world, you’ve made a major positive difference in mine. The rock of regularly writing these posts has helped get me though some challenging and chaotic times over the last year, and I owe that to you. Ok, enough. I thank you and congratulate you, with all my heart. With much love and gratitude, Harula xxxxxx


  5. Hi Rosie – I have been one of your good deeds and just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help with my blog and leading me to the A – Z Challenge. All the best to you!! 🙂


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