Letter N on The A to Z April Challenge 2014


Today is letter N on the April A to Z Challenge. My Book choice is Nobody’s Fault by Terry Tyler. Genre: Contemporary


N – Nobody’s Fault by Terry Tyler

The Cranston family is torn apart when Nick, married to Ria, meets Adrienne and moves in with her after just one week.  Nobody’s Fault tells the story through the eyes of Adrienne – and also Tara, Nick and Ria’s 15 year old, very confused daughter

Drama, mystery, romance: a family with secrets… Adrienne is the love of his life. Nick is the love of her life. Six days after meeting her, Nick leaves home. He has no choice; they can’t live without each other. Nick’s wife Ria and eldest daughter Cat find various ways of working out their anger and resentment, while fifteen year old Tara is caught in the middle. And then there is Nick’s cousin Caroline, with her own axe to grind when it comes to marital affairs… When tragedy strikes, they are all looking for someone to blame.

Meanwhile, lonely and trusting Sharon, seeking love and friendship on internet dating and social networking sites, has no suspicion of the part she plays in the drama – or that the people she meets in cyberspace might not be all that they seem…

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18 thoughts on “Letter N on The A to Z April Challenge 2014

  1. Nobody’s fault is another great read from Terry – a compulsive page-turner. I love her mix of quirky characters, family dramas, unrequited love and as always, an unpredictable story line. She’s a great supporter of other authors, too.


  2. Your ‘N’ book sounds interesting, Rosie. Also thanks for the shout for my blog 🙂 If you’d like to read and review my latest novel ‘Irish Inheritance’, just let me know!


  3. I have Terry’s Nine LIves on my kindle to read and now I’ll be downloading Nobody’s Fault, too. Thanks to Rosie and Terry for making the blogsphere a more interesting place.


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