April Issue of Elvetham Heath Directory

This is my first month writing book reviews for Fleet Life’s sister magazine The Elvetham Heath Directory. For an online edition go to http://www.ehd.org.uk, click on the online directory and find me on page 6. This months featured books are different to Fleet Life although I will mix and match on occasions.

April EHD


The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan

Greening of a Heart by Stepheny Houghtlin

Red Clay and Roses by S.K. Nicholls

The Griffin’s Boy by Julia Hughes

The Black Hours by Alison Williams.

6 thoughts on “April Issue of Elvetham Heath Directory

  1. Thanks Rosie! I have seen your Fleet Life’s magazine. I did not know they had a sister magazine. I sincerely appreciate the exposure. Very kind of you 🙂


  2. People do like what you d Rosie but two mags?? Are you making a takeover bid for the world? You’re doing a great service introducing people t books they may never otherwise see and of course it’s magic from the authors point of view because the promotion is good for us.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  3. Congratulations Rosie! I went to the publication. The page looks wonderful. I think you may be getting a lot more followers on this blog because of it. Fantastic!


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