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Letter A on the A to Z Challenge, and we’re off and blogging our way through the alphabet. 26 posts all letter related. There are over 1900 bloggers signed up for this challenge, it’s going to be HUGE! My big thanks to Arlee Bird (check out his blog called Tossing it out, with the link I’ve set up at the end of this post) and his team of hosts, co-hosts and helpers who have worked really hard to organise this huge event.

My book for the letter A is “A World Apart” by Camelia Miron Skiba Genre: Romance


In a war that’s not hers she loses everything. Everything she loses is because of him. Forgiveness is not an option. Or maybe…

Lieutenant Cassandra Toma, trauma surgeon in the Romanian National Army starts her deployment at the joint-unit air base M. Kogalniceanu on a wrong foot, clashing on her first day with her new commander, Major David Hunt. Her rebellious nature and sassiness rival her excellent performance in the operating room—the only reason why she’s not reprimanded, or maybe not the only reason.

They meet. They clash. A forbidden passion consumes them with the intensity of an erupting volcano, leaving her heartbroken and him with tarnished honour and pride as an officer. The only way out for David is disappearing into the dangerous warzone in Iraq. Their flame was supposed to be over when destiny brings them back under the same roof, this time with a common goal—to find Cassandra’s brother, Major Robert Toma, kidnapped by insurgents while on patrol.

To rescue Robert, Cassandra and David put aside their resentments, uniting forces against a common enemy. Trying to forget the painful past, Cassandra opens up to give David—and their love—another chance. What she doesn’t realize is that her anguish is the result of David’s impetuous action—one reckless choice he made for which she may never forgive him.
His mistake, his secret, could cost them both the love they’ve finally found.

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Camelia Miron Skina

WEBSITE: LOVE. WTHOUT YOU http://authorcameliamironskiba.com/

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/Camelia.M.Skiba

GOODREADS: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4864495.Camelia_Miron_Skiba

TWITTER: @CamiSkiba

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE:           Camelia Miron Skiba


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42 thoughts on “Letter A on the A to Z April Challenge

  1. Thank you for giving all participating authors such a great SO, Rosie. I’ll do my level best to log in every day (!) Sharin’ the love.


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  3. Sounds like an awesome read! I’ll have to add it to my every growing ‘to be read’ list. Good luck with the rest of the challenge! 🙂


  4. Here I am on the 1st day of the #Challenge. I have looked at 63 blogs today and learned more do’s and DO NOT. I have found only one blog to follow…I’m very picky. That’s why I follow YOU. Your posts are going to cost me money following up on some of the books you recommend. Thank you for including me in your Spring reads. Your blog looks great..all the interesting add-ons and even a picture of me. “Wow, look at that! says I.” I’ll be back tomorrow. You deserve a yellow rose for all your time and work on this blog. Signed…an admirer who loves to read.


    • Wow! 63 blogs, I visited quite a few but not nearly that many. You’re welcome about the Spring reads, your book fitted my theme, and you make a lovely picture.


  5. Hallo, Hallo Ms. Rosie Amber!

    🙂 I am finally back on your blog & can leave comments today! 🙂 Sorry I lost my footing the first week of the A to Z challenge! I’m composing my thoughts on behalf of Letters C-E today as I want to catch-up and resume to be right in line with everyone else! 🙂

    You picked a hard-hitting book to start-off the challenge! I used to watch a Canadian tv series on Hulu which was set during the current war effort but for the life of me I cannot remember the name!? It took place at Kandahar where you saw an upclose & personal view of life in the emergency hospital!? For whichever reason, I found the series to be more intense than M*A*S*H which is my favourite medical / military drama of all time! Strangely, even more intense than NCIS, NCIS: LA, & NCIS: NOLA of which I am a big appreciator! JAG always felt to be less intense and more of a family drama.

    I appreciate being introduced to seeing there are military fiction books on the market which delve into themes and stories that are of interest to me. A great first post! 🙂


      • Yes, unfortunately I had something unexpected come up in my life and I wasn’t able to blog on schedule! 😦 Sometimes our lives can interrupt our plans, but I am getting back on track! 🙂 I am nearly ready to release Letter C! 🙂


    • Jorie,

      Your words of appreciation for my novel A World Apart made my day, so thank you very much. I feel the same when it comes to the need to know the ongoing wars as they happen for real and not what media wants us to know about them. To write A World Apart I researched the war in Iraq for two years, contacting people on the frontline and ensuring the story is as believable as possible from the accurate scene description to the military lingo, behavior and mindset. Buy I also put my own spin on it for the romance part of it; it is a romance after all and the conflict and tension between the main characters made it easier to deal with the heartbreaking issues related to the war: pain, suffering, loss, and ultimately death.
      I hope you will give A World Apart a chance. The novel no longer belongs to me after I finished it writing it but to the world to enrich their lives and hopefully make a pleasant impact on them.
      As for the TV series you watched but can’t remember the title, I know exactly what you mean; i too watched it on hulu and loved it. Unfortunately I can’t remember it’s name either, but I’m not sure they continued with second season…
      Happy reading!


      • Good afternoon, Ms. Skiba,

        Its interesting you mentioned this, because until I started to give back to deployed soldiers and Chaplains, I hadn’t realised how little we truly know about a soldier’s life whilst serving our country. My eyes were opened to the brink that I am thankful I can always find a way to give back to those who give so very much in return. I always had a deep appreciation for those who serve in the military but when I started to find out the truths of what they face whilst deployed, my heart went out to all of them post haste!

        I think you took a brave story and turnt it into a story of honour for those who inspired you and for those who will read it. The fact you dedicated so much research to get into the heart and soul of those who serve is an incredible gift to the reader. I have read and watched military fiction for most of my life, but I had to take a bit of a break from reading it as sometimes your heart grows a bit heavy.

        In conversations online (blogs + Twitter) I oft lament the same: writing is a circle which is begun with a writer and completed with a reader! 🙂 I noticed your novel is released in e-book format at the moment, I’ll write it down to look for the print copy if/when it is released. I only read books in print actually.

        Thank you for giving me more to reflect upon and for responding back in such a kind way! I think its great that Ms. Rosie Amber is highlighting authors & their stories throughout the A to Z challenge! Likewise, I’m featuring the stories which inspire me to read & to be a book blogger! Its nice to see others in the challenge showcasing the love of reading & the discovery of new authors!

        ps: Did you ever see the Hallmark Channel movie starring Lori Loughlin? Its called “Meet My Mom”!? Its a sweet military romance and I was thinking of it as I read your reply! 🙂


  6. Thank you all who stopped by and enjoyed reading about my novel A World Apart. To all of you who enjoy a hard-earned love story with heroes wearing their uniforms so proudly I encourage you to pick it up and read it. David Hunt was the easiest hero to write, not because he was handsome but because he was really broken, a true hero with flaws. Cassandra Toma didn’t come to his rescue but rather helped him finding it on his own. The more chemistry these two characters had the bigger the conflict grew, so it was quite a journey to see them struggle, doubt themselves and finding what they were looking for in the end: love, the universal language any heart knows how to speak regardless where you’re coming from.
    Happy reading!


  7. In response to Jorie’s last message:
    Dear Jorie,

    What a delight to hear back from you! The pleasure is all mine. As long as my stories touch one heart at the time, I”m more than happy. A World Apart is released in electronic version but also in paperback. Here its link on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/World-Apart-Camelia-Miron-Skiba/dp/1466226676/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_d_6
    I haven’t heard about the movie you mentioned but I too love military romance movies, so I’ve added it to my TWL. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m always in search for new movies to watch.
    Lots of sun and smiles from Arizona,


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