The Griffin’s Boy by Julia Hughes

The Griffin's Boy (The Griffin Riders)The Griffin’s Boy by Julia Hughes

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Having previously read the Griffin Cryer, I was delighted to be able to read The Griffin’s Boy, a companion book which tells us the story behind the Griffin Rider. Balkind is a young Griffin selected for special training, but a mishap with one of the new recruits put his training chances at risk. Neb is that boy who grooms the Griffins and he is determined to help Balkind.

Disobeying orders, Neb and Balkind set off to follow Griffin Master Romulus, but on the way they end up making a daring rescue of a young boy from the village of Darkling. By the time the Griffin Master arrives in the village Neb and Balkind are heroes. They make new friends and soon Neb finds himself disobeying more orders in a desperate attempt to save Samara from danger and a very unpleasant marriage.

There are some great details about the Griffins, their wings, feathers and flight veins, plus we get to read about how the Griffins patrol the ancient Ley lines, sensing the energy from the lines and keeping demons at bay. You can almost feel the magic that flows from Balkind when he faces and destroys a demon.

This book was a pleasure to read, Julia Hughes has written another great book.

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