The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle by Jocelyn Murray

The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle (#1)The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle by Jocelyn Murray

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This book is a great read for the teenage market and upwards. It is the first book in a series of historical fantasy travel writing. I chose this book because I have had several holidays in Dorset and in particular the Isle of Purbeck where Corfe and it’s castle are built. Most roads on the Isle lead through Corfe and it is a magnificent sight high up on the hill. Parts of Dorset today make me feel like I’m stepping through to a different world particularly the rural hideaways, so the descriptive scenes in the book worked well for me. Anna is a 15 year old girl who steps through a magical mirror that she finds in her Grandmother’s house and has a wonderful adventure in Corfe Castle during the English Civil War. Roundheads battled Royalists and Anna’s adventure is a good historical lesson for any young reader. This book is the first in the series with more adventures for Anna to be had in Vesuvius and Constantinople in the second and third books.

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  1. My family and I go on holiday to Core ever year too 🙂 It’s beautiful there and I love the castle. I think my little sister would love this book as she is really into historical fiction x


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