Witches by RLL (Jan 13th)

WitchesWitches by RLL

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Witches is written as a Scottish Faery Tale, fast paced, it is full of magic and mystery. The writer has fun with the names of the 3 warring clans, Clan o’ the Hand, Tongue and Eye. All greedy to own all the land in the county, two of the clans try to make an advantage by hiring Warlocks and a Witch to give them advantage in battle. The Witch has the last laugh as Rory the swordsmen finds out for himself when he tries to unravel his role in the tale. I really liked the opening setting of the book where we are introduced to Selena Salem with her Witchfinder app. for her phone. It introduced the writer’s style of humour, hinting at what was to come. I would have loved the story to come full circle and for us to find out who her mystery guest was at the end. The tale contains some Scottish dialect throughout which gives the writing character and it contains bawdy jokes and innuendos for the readers entertainment.
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