The Witch’s Storm by Neel Kay

The Witch's Storm (The Witch of Luna Hill, #2)The Witch’s Storm by Neel Kay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is the second in the series and I haven’t read the first one. I took a chance on it, I should have read the first book in the series. Then I would have understood the storyline and connected with the characters earlier than I did. Freya must stop the witch Parmona in a final battle. Destinies have been written and many will die. There is a race to save a child Princess whom Freya has hidden away, but she has forgotten where and she has lost her magic. The book contains strong language which I felt wasn’t necessary in a piece of fantasy writing, I would have enjoyed more depth to the scenes that writing in the fantasy genre offers. The ending when the characters find themselves on a new timeline was very well written.

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