A Girl Of The Paper Sky by Randy Mixter

A Girl Of The Paper SkyA Girl Of The Paper Sky by Randy Mixter

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A Girl of the Paper Sky is a haunting tale. Is it a land of dreams? Is it a parallel Universe? Or is it a soul flying free? Generations of select people have what it takes to visit the land of the Paper Sky. There an evil presence lurks, threatening the town of Clarksdale. Lori enters the land through her dreams, she sees beautiful colours, paper birds and a bad scarecrow. Whilst sharing her experiences she finds that people take on the persona of paper birds in her dreams. Lori is powerful and she can make contact with others while she dreams, saving lives. Years pass, but the haunting memory of the Paper Sky always remain. The vast steel works which dominates the town is a dangerous place where wages are high, but so are accidents. It’s always the steel works pumping out clouds of sooty ash which continue to threaten the town, the people and now Lori and her family. She must put an end to the evil, drawing on her own deep love for those around her. This was a beautiful short story full of vibrant colours, dreams and paper birds.

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