The Initiate by Sue Vincent and Stuart France

The Initiate: Adventures in Sacred ChromatographyThe Initiate: Adventures in Sacred Chromatography by Sue Vincent

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This is a complicated book with many layers and one which I believe can be read in many different ways. There is a lovely trail around lots of English churches in and around Buckinghamshire and places a little further afield. Wen and Don also visit ancient sites like Stonehenge and Wayland’s Smithy as they crisscross over the aged Ridgeway (A drover’s road.) Upon their way they are followed by beautiful birds in particular red kites whom seem destined to show them the path to follow. Within the adventure are lessons on mysticism as Wen and Don study the churches and find a mystery in the architecture and stained glass windows. Their written journey is punctuated with myths, tales, visions and a story from another time. The churches are fascinating as are their colourful findings. Wen demonstrates her connection with the power of nature. Don injects his mystic wisdom and knowledge of the teachings of the Bible and the symbols left by Medieval architects who built the churches and chapels. Reading the book inspired me to look up the names of my local churches and intrigues me to follow in their footsteps to many of the churches in the book.
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  2. This sounds right up my street – churches fascinate me, though I’m not religious, and the history…I’ll check out Sue’s Blog. Thanks for this great review Rosie…I love that you read such a variety:-) Hugs and gratitude, Harula xxxxxx


    • Thanks Harula, I have another of Sue’s books “The Sword of Destiny” on my Wish List of books to read. It’s part of a new Rosie’s Good Read Collections that I’ll be launching on Sunday 1st December. My Wish list will appear later on December 21st.


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