Good Deeds Week 17th – 23rd November

This is all about my journey to achieve one Good Deed a day for a year. I was inspired to set myself this challenge when I began reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Judith undertook some amazing deeds in her year, my own challenge has opened my eyes to opportunities which would previously have passed me by, where I can make a difference to the world, not matter how small.

Good deedsNovember 17th – It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow, so we are celebrating early and inviting him and my Mother-in-law over for a birthday tea. Have invited them to spend Christmas lunch with us. Good deeds received; Much appreciation for the tea from my husband and the in-laws.

November 18th – My morning helping at school for my Good deed, I also took a bag of books for a book sale the children will be holding in aid of the Philippines disaster. Good deeds received; I was thanked for my donation to last week’s Children in Need appeal. A friend invited me out to dinner in a couple of week, Yay!

November 19th – Walked into town after my lunch and picked up more litter on the way home, I’m really noticing how much rubbish there is around.

November 20th – Phoned my Mum to check on her computer problems, then wrote a book review to help a fellow author promoter her new book. Nine lives by Terry Tyler is a set on 9 short stories, free on kindle, offer ends today, so hurry and download now!

November 21st – Sorted by brother-in-law out with some complicated e-mailing and offered to send the e-mails for him. Sent a very dear friend a couple of ideas for practical Christmas presents.

November 22nd – A couple of book reviews today and some tweeting of other peoples posts and articles from across the globe.

November 23rd – Off to visit my Mum this morning who finally has her computer up and running again after several set backs. She’s not feeling well and my Dad is away for a few days, so I’m going to spend some time with her. Mum was feeling better today and was out visiting a neighbour when I got there, so I set about doing some housework for her. Baked a banana cake this afternoon, the taste could have been better, I think I need Harula’s recipe. Good deeds received: Had lots of thanks from a friend I’d e-mail earlier in the week.

4 thoughts on “Good Deeds Week 17th – 23rd November

  1. Sounds like a great week Rosie – and I’ve now posted a link to the Banana Bread recipe I use on my latest post – enjoy! Enjoy your time with your Mum, I’m sure she so appreciates having you there, especially while your Dad’s away. You’ve got me thinking I need to do some more litter picking again soon – I notice it more and more too. Wishing you another wonderful week dear friend:-) Love and gratitude, Harula xxxxx


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